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Who sings in Grandmaster Flash?
Melli Mel
What is "The Message" about?
social realities in the South Bronx
Who sings for the Velvet Underground?
Lou Reed
Who does Andy Warhol promote?
The Velvet Underground
What band features the viola?
The Velvet Underground
Who is "Jackofalltrades"?
Who sings for Eurythmics?
Annie Lennox
Who is the keyboardist/producer for Eurythmics?
Dave Stewart
Who sings/produces for Snoop?
Dr. Dre
Who does Snoop sample?
Geroge Clinton
Which rapper uses realistic/comic book portrayals of thug life?
Who won 8 grammies in 1999?
Who uses black tape/fake nails?
Ani DiFranco
Name two people that own their own record companies
DiFranco, Williamson
Why is Mitchell an innovative guitarist? Name 2 reasons.
Alternate tunings/complex harmonies
Who is a painter and made a self portrait?
Joni Mitchell
Who had an affair with James Taylor?
Joni Mitchell
Who raps in Public Enemy?
Chuck D
Who produces Public Enemy?
Hank Shocklee
Who said "music is organized noise"?
Hank Shocklee
Where is Buckeley from?
How many full length albums did Buckeley produce?
Who features a candle as album art?
Sonic Youth
Who produced Sonic Youth?
indie label
Who won a grammy in 94?
Queen Latifah
Who is the "pioneer of women's music"?
Cris Williamson
Who founded Olivia Records?
Cris Williamson
Who toured for 30+ years?
Cris Williamson
Where is Williamson from?
San Francisco
What was the 1st Top 40 rap song?
Rapper's Delight
Where did Joplin perform Ball and Chain?
Monteroy Pop Festival
Who broke up after two years because "noone could play their instruments"?
Sex Pistols
Who promoted Sex Pistols/Sex store?
Malcolm McClaren
Where did AC/DC form?
Name 3 reasons why Hendrix' guitar playing is so different
LH, big hands, turns guitar upside down
Who/where has a Hendrix museum?
Paul Allen, Microsoft, Seattle
Who put an ad in the paper for a vocalist, who responded?
Rage Against Machine, Zack dela Rocha
Who is the guitarist for Rage against the Machine?
Tom Morello
what is the song "testify" about?
antiwar, government
what is so unique about Rage Against the Machine?
play guitar with cord
Where did Floyd form, when, and where is the name from?
London, 60s, blues musicians
What is the rhythm of "money"?
seven beats a measure
Who said "shock to unplug inside people's heads"?
Dead Kennedys
What was the 1st big MTV rap video?
Walk This Way
Who produced Walk This Way, and how?
DefJam, NYU dorm
2 reasons why Run DMC was important:
black/white crossover, 1st rap album
What is the name of Guns N Roses' CD?
Appetite for Destruction
what is "welcome to the jungle" about?
LA urban life
who is the singer in Guns n Roses?
Axl Rose
Where is MC5 from?
Detroit/Lincoln Park
Who led MC5 in their assault against culture?
John Sinclair
What was the top selling album until Thriller?
Saturday night Fever
What is a critique of singer/songwriters?
What are 2 critiques of MTV?
shapes who is on tv/power, strips imagination
name 2 punk bands that toured in england
sex pistols, ramones
name 3 elements of hip hop
DJ/turntables, MC/rapping, breakdancing
who pioneered hip hop, from where, what is distinct about him?
DJ Kool Here, Jamaica, big sound system
Who said "rapping is talking in rhyme to rhythm"?
Kurtis Blow
5 elements of rapping
poetry, word choice, rhyme, rhythm, storytelling
name 4 critiques of rap
creates social problems, not music, noise (no musical talent), not original (sampling) exploits AA stereotypes
What was the result of rap critique?
Parents Music Resource Center, 1985, warning labels, Congressional hearings
Lollapalooza: genre, who started it, what is it now?
alternative, leader of Jane's Addiction, 2-3 days in Chicago
Lilith Fair: what, when?
women's music festival, 97-99
What is unusual about Iggy pop stooges?
peanut butter, no shirts
name 3 critiques of disco
mindless/shallow (repetitive), "sex rock", masculinity, racism, sexism, homophobia
2 challenges to 1970s mainstream/rock
punk, disco
3 things that happen in 1970s
counterculture becomes mainstream, growth of specialized rock (rock festivals-arena rock, concept albums-album rock), less interracial
3 factors of mid60s shift from rock n roll to rock
experimentation in timbre, studio production, complex songs (not jams) rock as art (concept albums, serious lyrics, music skills)
allamont Raceway: what happened, where, when?
free rolling stones concert, dec 1969, san francisco bay, student stabbed to death by Hells Angels
4 bad things that happen 70-71
70: joplin, hendrx die, beatles break up
71: morrison dies
who did lauryn hill start with?
the fugees
who has kids with bob marley's son?
lauryn hill
What is gabriel a homage to?
stax records
who attended the world music arts/dance festival?
peter gabriel
who made the gabriel video?
aardman animation
who did gabriel start with?
who is the queen of disco?
donna summer
what is unique about "bad girls"?
not a typical disco song, about prostitution
who sings for nirvana?
kurt cobain
name 3 genres in "smells like teen spirit"
punk, pop, metal
who sings for judas priest?
rob halford
where did judas priest form?
what is "electric eye" about?
mistrust of government
who was put on trial in 91?
judas priest
who plays guitar for zeppelin/
jimmy page
who sings for zeppelin?
robert plant
name 3 influences of zeppelin
urban blues, psychedelic/art rock, folk
name 4 ways that stairway is just that, musically
acoustic to electric, tempo, volume, texture
who produces "love to love you"?
giorgo Moroder
who is "bikers on speed"?
The ramones
where are the ramones from, where is their first gig?
queens, cbcg
who "wrote songs within their capabilities" because they tried to be a cover band but couldnt figure out the songs?
the ramones
which album spend 37 weeks at #1?
what is "beat it" homage to?
west side story
who sings with nusrat fateh ali khan, and what band is he from?
Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam
what instrument is featured in "the face of love"?
who does radiohead sample?
paul lansky, computer music
where is shakira from?
how old was shakira when she made her first album?
what does "osmatli" mean?
aztec god of dance and music
name 3 hybrids of osmatli
latin, hip hop, jazz, rock, funk...
what is the song "chota" about?
urban life, clashes with police, authority
what is ironic about "idioteque"?
hybridity by technology, yet tells of manmade havic
who had 30 top ten songs?
stevie wonder
DISCO: 5 elements (audience, purpose, characteristics, instrumentation, importance)
1. AA, LA, gay, females (minority
2. luxury, pleasure, freedom
3. fast, repeats, 4 beats/measure
4. lush orchestration, funk guitar, horns, gospel chorus, studio produced, sensuous vocals
5. challenges art-rock albums, imp. of singles, session musicians, fantasy without action
PUNK: 4 elements (where, characteristics, purpose, anti's)
1. CBGB, OMFUG, nyc clubs
2. unpolished, not artificial, not complex
3. speed, volume, distortion
4. commercial, social glamour
REGGAE: 4 elements (beat, groove, vocals/lyrics, when/where)
1. beats 2 and 4
2. slow, relaxed
3. toasting/chanting, political/love
4. 62, Jamaica
COUNTERCULTURE: (where, 4 elements)
San Francisco
1. sexual freedom
2. drug experimentation
3. anti-establishment
4. peace and love
1. rock musicians as artists (serious lyrics, virtuostic solos, classical music
2. complex songs, studio experimentation
PSYCHEDELIC ROCK: 3 elements, promoter
1. mix electric blues, folk, non-western
2. trippy, improv
3. imagery
Bill Graham
Name 4 bands involved with miniamlism
patti smith, velvet underground, ac/dc, MC5
1. overdubbing: wonder, prince, eurythmics
2. synthesizers: madonna, eurythmics, prince
3. hendrix: stereo amps, overdubbing
4. concept albums...
who was inducted into the hall of fame as the first turntablist?
what genre is dead kennedys?
what genre is sonic youth?
what genre is ani difranco?
what genre is rage against the machine?
hip hop (late)