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What year did Bebop begin?
b upside down
3rd sounds like or
What was the purpose of bebop?
Why did they do it?
Purpose was to rebel against swing

People thought swing was sell out
what kids always like to do to parents

the difference from swing and bebop
Swing - dance to
-Big bands
- Played in dance clubs
- Used musical charts

Bebop - listen to
- smaller groups
- played in small clubs
- returned to improve
- had lingo
Pioneers of bebop
Charlie "bird" Parker
-alto sax player, played fast so people whould say his music was fly therefore his nickname was bird

-as a kid he went to ny to play but was told he was no good then went back in a couple more years and they let him play

Duzzy Gillespi - Trumpet
fast player
A common technique in bebop was?

Everyone __1__ the song and then everyone gets _2__ and then everyone _3_ together
had a solo

1. starts
2. solo
3. ends
In Bebop an important date was 1948 why?
a turning point in jazz the LP record goes from 78 rpm to 33 rpm
what is RPM
revolutions per minute
When did Cool Jazz begin
What was cool jazz like?
mellow smooth brisk relaxed
bright students read mainly
What did cool jazz interments
flute cello French horn
Who were the cool jazz pioneers?
Miles Daves

played trumpet
known for being racist against white people but played with them bc they paid better

Dave Brubeck - piano
During cool jazz __1__ began to offer courses in jazz
When did free Jazz begin
During Free Jazz musicians started to __1__ the rules of __2__ and __3__, had an anything goes attitude
1. break
2. composition
3. improve
Pioneers of Free Jazz were?
John Coltrane (sax)

Ornette Coleman (sax)
-first to record an album from improve
When did Fusion start?
what were the two styles of music mixed together to form fusion?
Jazz and Rock
Fusion appeals to who?
jazz but also influenced rock musicians

more complex to simple rock
Who were the Fusion Pioneers?
-weather report
-Chick corea
What were the highlighted instruments of Fusion?
guitar and keyboard