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Composer of Unto the Hills
George Henry Crumb
Composer of Folk Songs
Luciano Berio
Composer of 6 Bagatelles
Gyorgy (Sandor) Ligeti
Composer of North American Ballads
Frederic (Anthony) Rzewski
Recording Date of Unto the Hills
June 2003
Recording Date of Folk Songs
June 1st 1995
Recording Date of 6 Bagatelles
Recording Date of North American Ballads
August 1998
Unto the Hills, Movement 1
Poor Wayfaring Stranger (6:03)
Unto the Hills, Movement 2
All the Pretty Little Horses (An Appalachian Lullaby) (2:22)
Unto the Hills, Movement 3
Ten Thousand Miles (6:03)
Unto the Hills, Movement 4
Appalachian Epiphany: A Psalm for Sunset and Dusk (4:06)
Unto the Hills, Movement 5
Ev'ry Night When the Sun Goes In (3:40)
Unto the Hills, Movement 6
Black, Black, Black is the Color (4:06)
Unto the Hills, Movement 7
The Riddle (2:56)
Unto the Hills, Movement 8
Poor Wayfaring Stranger (Echo) (7:47)
Folk Songs, Movement 1
Black is the Colour (3:00)
Folk Songs, Movement 6
La donna ideale (1:18)
6 Bagatelles, Movement 1
Allegro con spirito (1:15)
6 Bagatelles, Movement 2
Rubato, Lamentoso (3:08)
6 Bagatelles, Movement 5
Adagio Mesto (2:22)
North American Ballads, Movement 1, No. 3
Down By the Riverside (5:45)
Performers on Unto the Hills
Soprano Ann Crumb, Conductor James Freeman, Orchestra 2001
Performers on Folk Songs
Soprano Christine Schadeberg, Conductor Leon Tania, ensemble Musicians' Accord
Performers on 6 Bagatelles
Aeolian Winds
Performer on North American Ballads
Marc-Andre Hamelin