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Emmanuel Road - Echo Minott
work song
Roaring Lion - Papa Chunks
learned behavior
the way people think and act
shared behavior and ideas
Music is a culture
field work
we get a lot of understanding from this

Prof hill - 1951 left country for 10 years
common affilliation with lomack
Hill - how music fits with the culture
generalizing principal
look at music through which you can understand a culture
pattern/culture trait standing for totality - system of interrellated parts
when music changes, culture changes
Canaries in mines
Holism - catholic
19th century hymns in 70s 80s churches - music more in sync with secular music
One thing leads to another holism
keeps tying new ideas and jumping around
cuban oporetta
the way you understand a language - emersion and understanding
you want to understand music from the POV of the preformers, listeners or culture
everyone participating - listeners are singers and audience
face-to-face music
Control your bias
Place Purpose Genre
music in one place vs same music in another place
music based on era
diferent music in different places
recorded vs face-to-face music
The humanities
shares a lot with linguistics, folklore, art music and dance than with social sciences
data is scientific
fieldwork is scientific
Trinidad soup
Mix of unlikely ingredients like the caribbean culture
Themes - 500 years of cultural interaction
many people coming in/ many interactions
trinidad soup - Mix of unlikely ingredients like the caribbean culture
mix of people of african/european decent and others
Themes - Live community vs Studio
live community - preferred
Themes - unity and diversity in a continent of island
spanish speaking islands
eastern caribbean/bahamas/haiti - french
english and spanish speaking caribbean - diff worlds
carriacou vs granata - dont like identifying as eachother but they are categorized as both
Themes - carribean music is neoteric
created by sources from the "Old World" (Africa, europe)
Themes - Race/Ethnicity
races don't exist
Ethnicity - cultural group of people you belong to
Song - Lord Invader New York Subway
Rupert Grant goes out in Brooklyn and tries to get to Harlem - problems getting around, he asks for advice
"drop" - picking someone up
1948 - 1950
says "Girls" not "jews"
People coming to a place they're not indiginous to and they form a new culture
Themes 2 - Call and Response
melodic form with a lead and replying voice
big in AFRICa and caribbean
Themes 2 - ostinato
phrase is repeated over and over sometimes with small changes - found in caribbean music and 1980 music
Phil Glass - writes minimalist music - ostinato - uses themes that vary
Themes 2 - Music, Sex and Sexism
popular caribbean music entertainers - male
most caribbean music is sexist
minority of women singers
sex - has to do with power - another layer - sex is a metaphor for other issues (polit/econ/social implication)
Themes 2 - Music Sex and Sexism - Kitch
kitch - hidden meaning
talked indirectly about sex 1969-PP69 lisence plate
Themes 2 - Music Sex and Sexism - Jimmy Rodgers
"Im gonna get me a pistol long as i am tall" double entendre - painful cry for justice
Themes 2 - Music and Politics
Revolutionary Era
COlonial Era
Revolutionary Ideas - found in west indian song lyrics
Colonial era - anti-colonial songs - they were banned in english and french caribbean
Talked about chainging the system, abolishing slavery
Trinidad - outlawed church
About Identity and Nationalism
Song - Cecelia Cruz - A Todos Mis amigos - 1953 - (Music and Politics)
Brassy then call/Response
Themes 2 - Clave as a group Rythmic patterns and creativity
Clave - a beat - can be 2x3, 3x2
Root of Rock and Rap
subtle variations - creativity name of game for caribbean music
electronis instrument - jumpier
Themes 2 - From "Roots" to "Pop" to "Classical"
grass roots - vernacular - ordinary music, ordinary people - came from small town life
popular middle class music
classical - educated and rich people
they feed into each other constantly
Cuba, Spain, Puerto Rico, Jam - find classical music tradition
Themes 2 - important of ritual music to Caribbean pop music and example
Many styles begin with religion
Someone grows up in a church - brings style of church when you get older - roots of style in church - Cecilia Cruz
Themes 2 - Creole Characteristics
Result of neoteric culture of caribbean - find your identity riht here
Creoles - fed by new influx of immigration
Asian-Indian creole music - chutney calypso - originally women wedding ceremonies - men started singing it - Creolized
Themes 2 - International Characteristics of Caribbean Music
Rock, Hip Hop, Latin, Raeggae, Calypso
styles affiliated with spread of western culture around the world
Song - Juliana - Lionel Pelasco
Antilles music, traditional carricou
Piano piece for guitar
played in carricou, venezuela, curocao
Classical european ballroom music
different musical trains
style ABC ABCD used by Chopin
Song - Emanuel Road - Echo Minott
Vernacular grassroots
Song - Adieu Madras Adieu Foulard - John Max
late 1700s
pop music version of folksong
mulatta - ideal women in caribbean offspring of African american woman and european male
controversial - comes out of french mid class estate owner - goes to martinique - has a slave mistress but must go back to france
Unequal relationships
Song - Seis con Decima - Ramito -
Grass roots
old spanish style
afro spanish
north american influence
muslim line - starts high goes low
Definitions - Caribbean, Hernando Ortiz
Black cajun from luisiana, bahamas, south florida, english caribbean, spanish caribbean, french caribbean and south american countries

Ortiz - cuban anthropologist "latin american scholar" - use language as grouping instead of culture

caribbean coast culture different than interior (South America)
Definitions - West Indies
eastern caribbean and Haiti - can be just english speaking eastern caribbean
Definitions - Globalization
global economic systems - economic connection between continents - spread of aggressive capitalism (Began with portugese)
Definitions - Globalization - Transculturalism
Hernando Ortiz - cuban culture - correction of american views (Herskavisk) "a culturation" in a mix of cultures the non dominant culture - smaller cultures being overtaken by bigger cultures - it is a acculturation but both cultures change
Definitions - Globalization - transnationalism
result of globalization - rapid communication/transportation - many people don't just live in one place
mid/upper class - live in several countries
loosening of national boundaries and existing of social/cultural units over many borders
Definitions - Globalization - transnationalism - Trinidad
100s of preformers (MC/Comedian) live in different countries but share a trinidadian group - carnivals
Definitions - Folklore
music heard in face to face setting passed down by memory
Now another kind of pop - mediated music with folklore root - many types of music came from this root
Definitions - Folklife
Activities/Festivals/Material culture that is folkloreistic - trinidadian carnival - they make their own costume, steel drum - most are folkloreistic
Definition - Vernacular
everyday language (linguistics) now here means music from grassroots can be popularized

ex hip hop/rap can be popularized, some parts popularized

Definition - Everyday life
emphasis on texture of music related to everyday life - we listen to two types of music incidental and occasional music
Definition - Everyday Life - Occasional music
Course music
Definition - Everyday Life - Incidental music
festival music
Definition - The Folk Community
concept almost extinct - people create a culture and interact with that community for the rest of their life - small village in europe before indusutrial revolutuion - maintain musical styles
Song - Roaring Lion - Papa Chunks
Bricolage - combination of two unlikely things used for a different purpose - product of colonial era

hes trinidadian won nobel prize
Song - Rapso - Brother Resistance
2 black men sitting and preforming
btw mid class eastern european english and creole english

basolet - deep vernacular language

"Shame" - talking about only mankind to blame
80s starwars program
man from trinidad-jamacian
bible revelations
song - Bill Rogers - W Indian Weed Woman
A shanto from guyana
vodeville early 20th century - turned into broadway plays
famous in trinidad
Harlem 1960 - apollo theatre vodeville

Song depicts guy going to guyana, runs into weed woman, she sells herbs to cure you, not fruit like he thought
Song - Man Piaba - Harry Belefonte
grew up in NYC - jamaics
first big time black star
american with indian roots
Spread of Christianity
through mystery plays and biblical plays
Carricou's Shakespeare 1991
king and other characters
speeches from julius ceasar
powerful people - strongest in village
practice between christmas and carnival
tension between masquarades and police
Jonkonu - African american fife
african american fife drum - british not american
found in caribbean
played at christmas and holidays
masquarading ini guyana and caribbean
Jamaican Jonkonu
wears houses/ships/horns on head
Masquerad in Nigeria
similar outfit to france (middle ages)
Egungun masquerade
God of death and funerals
when god in body, would police the customs
Song - Jelly Roll Morton - Maple Leaf Stomp
caribbean music influences our music
popular among middle class 1916-17
jazz is originally called ragtime
Song - Lionel Belasco - Venezuela
he's a creole
Diaspora - African Influenced instruments in the americas
Bata drums, timbales criollos, shekere, marimba, baryo, xylophone
African Instrument - Bata Drums
played in cuba for lucimi or santeria
African Instrument - Timbales criollos
look like snare drums
African Instrument - Shekere
like maracas, corn/pebbles in it as you shake it- shells on outside
African Instrument - Marimbula
Thumb piano, canon, box with wooden frame, hollow, opening like guitar with metal prongs and you tap the prongs
African Instrument - Baryo
frame with skin and strings comes from western africa 3-6 strings
African Instrument - xylophone
from balophon - frem french africa
also called marimba
Elements of music - Melody
offbeat purchasing of melodic accents - call/response and ostinato
Fletcher henderson created "Swing Jazz" same toon different instruments
Elements of music - Rythm
Multiple rythm - two rythms at one time
speech tone phrasing - (Multiple Meter) south africa talking drums - could change pitch of drums so it could mimic speech but doesnt mix with rythm of song

EX - Tumba Curacao
Elements of music - Scales
Diatonic or hepatonic (7 in octave) pentanic (5 in octave)
european style - classical octave
africa - two notes (5 and 7) blues style
Song - Rocky Daquni - American Reggae Fever
comes from S africa
newish pop song on youtube
seems more professional
YouTube - Carnival Miami - Calle Ocho
city blocks full of musical stages and international food to celebrate hispanic culture
YouTube - Vodou Ceremony
Mayotte - hatian voodoo ceremony dec 23/24
Feast for hatian gods
YouTube - Charanga Tipica Cubana
cuban music
Danzon el la ciuadela
mexican music