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Arnold Schoenberg
(1874-1951)Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21, No. 18 Moonfleck (1912) Atonal song cycle Programmatic, 20th century
Alban Berg
(1885-1935) Wozzeck (1922), Atonal Opera, Programmatic, 20th century
Bela Bartok
(1881-1945) Concerto for Orchestra, Mvt. IV Interrupted Intermezzo, (1943), Orchestral Concerto, Rondo-like, 20th century
Charles Ives
(1874-1954) The Things Our Fathers Loved, (1917), voice and piano, Programmatic, 20th century
Aaron Copland
(1900-1990) Billy the Kid Ballet (1938), Orchestral Ballet Suite, Programmatic, 20th century
Fanny Mendelsohnn Hensel
(1805-1847) Bergeslust (1847), Romantic Lied, Modified Strophic-ABA`, Romantic.
Clara Schumann
(1819-1896) Scherzo, Op. 10 (1838), Piano Solo, Scherzo and two trios-AA`BA``CA, Romantic.
Joan Tower
(1939), Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman(no. 4), (1992), Orchestral, free alternation of two ideas, 20th century.
(1939), Violin Concerto Mvt. 2, (1998), Violin Concerto, Chaconne, 20th century
Johann Sebastian Bach
(1685-1750), Partita in D minor, Chaconne BWV 1004, Solo violin, Chaconne, Baroque.