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the collection of pieces in the current Concert music repertoire, pieces that are performed frequently, Handel's Messiah
the method of studying history, for music history, the immediate, contextual, biographical, genre, and reception history are taken into account, for example the reception component of the historiography of Handel's Messiah traces the piece from entertainment. to charity for the Foundling Hospital, then to a tradition in the form of music festivals, and finally into a ritual
musicology versus ethnomusicology
the study of Western versus nonwestern
Common Practice era
The time period of the current and most frequently played concert music repertoire, Messiah (1700-1914)
an unstaged opera usually based on a sacred or religious narrative which heavily uses arias, choruses, and recitatives. Messiah
Da Capo Aria
An aria in ABA form where the opening material is repeated at the end. The Trumpet Shall Sound from Handel's Messiah is a quasi Da Capo Aria because the text changes in the repetition of the opening material, so it is really ABA1.
Music/Choir Festival
an international trend that starting with the Three Choirs Festival in 1761. Handel's Messiah is usually the first concert of a choir festival.
one note per sylable
a few notes per syllable
many notes per syllable
once voice or melody with no harmony, accompaniment or counter melody. Ave Maris Stella is a monophonic piece.
The person who created the text for Handel's Messiah. He was angry that Handel created an oratorio out of it instead of something more traditional.