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The four main properties of musical sounds are pitch, dynamics, tone color and

a. duration
b. rhythm
c. melody
d. medium
A. Duration
Dynamics in music refers to

A. the quality that distinguishes musical sound

B. The relative highness or lowness we hear in a sound

C. an exemplary performance

D. Degrees of loudness and softness
D. degrees of loudness and softness

A. cna usually be means of a keyboard

B. allow the composer complete control over pitch, tone color, dynamics, and duration

c. can generate a huge variety of musical sounds and noises
B. allow the composer complete control over pitch, tone color, dynamics, and duration
The first, or stressed beat of a measure is known as the

a. upbeat
b. downbeat
c. head
d. intro
A. Upbeat
A series of cards is called an

A. traid
B. progression
c. apeggion
d. consonance
c. arpeggio
Modulation refers to

A. The central tone of a musical composition

B. the use of all key in one octave
C. the sharp or flat signs immediately following the clef sigh at the beginning of the staff of a musical composition

D. a shift from one key to another within the same composition
D. A shift from one key to another within the same composition
Homophonic texture consists of

a. a single melodic line without accompaniment

b. one main melody accompanied by cords

c. two or more melodies of relatively equal interest performed simultaneously

d. two or more different versions of the same basic melody performed simultaneously
b. one main melody accompanied by chords
repetition is a technique widely used in music becaust it

a. creates a sense of unity

b. helps engrave a melody in the memory

c.provides a felling of balance and symmetry

d. all the above
d. all the above
When some features of a musical idea are changed, by others are retained, the technique is referred to as

a. form
b. contrast
c. repetition
d. variation
d. variation
Three part form can be repesented as

b. ABA'
c. statement, contrast, return
d. any of the above
d. any of the above
The phrase middle ages refers to the period of European history spanning

a. 450-1000
b. 1000-1150
In the middle ages, most inportant musicians were
A virtual monopoly on learning during the middle ages was held by

a. knoghts in castles
b. professors in universities
c. monks in monasteries
c. wandering minstrels or jongleurs
c. monks in monasteries
most medieval music was

a. instrumental
b. vocal
c. for the piano
d. for the organ
b. vocal
gregorian chant

a. is set to sacred latin texts retained some elements of the jewish synagogue of the first centries after christ
c. was the official music of the roman catholic church for more than 1000 years
d. all the above
d. all the above