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Romantic Period
Four Characteristics of Romantic Period.
1. Individual Style-Self Expression

2. New Forms

3. New Trends

4. Content dictates form
Schubert (4 points)
1. Created Art Song, a fusion of poetry and music
2. made miniature forms
3. created 600 art songs
4.songs about love, nature, and supernatural
What is a Lied
Art song recital
Robert Schumann (3 points)
1.Super Romantic
2.Carried Art Song forward
3.Music Critic
Clara Schumann (4 points)
1. Greatest female piano virtuoso of the 19th century

2. Wife of Robert Schumann
3. Did intimate miniatures
4. made Carnaval-21 short piano pieces
Who are the two piano men?
Chopin and Liszt
Chopin (5 points)
1. Poet of the piano
2. Wrote exclusively for piano
3. revolutionized art of piano playing
4. Miniature form
5. Absolute music
Liszt(3 points)
1. Piano virtuoso
2. Established modern solo recital
3. Creates symphonic tone poem
Mendelssohn (3 points)
1. Super conservative romantic
2. 1st great modern conductor
3. Bach revival
Berlioz (3 points)
1. 1st great french romantic
2. Music Critic
3. started symphonie fantastique
Program Music (3 points)
1. 19th century trend
2. tells a story
3. syphonie fantastique (ex:fantasia)
Italian Opera(4 points)
1.Bel Canto-Style of Opera singing
2.Rossini major composer
3. Opera buffa-comic opera
4. Barber of seville(best comic opera)
Verdi (four points)
1. wrote 26 operas
2. created Human drama (wrote 3 and 1 comic opera
3.His last two operas (Othello + Falstaff)were his greatest
4.Both based on Shakespeare plays
Wagner (5 points)
1. created music drama(equal balance of music and play)
2. wrote his own librettos
3. Plays based on german mythology
4. made 4 operas
5. In 1876 theater was completed for wagnerian plays in Bayreuth
Who created the ring cycle?
What is a leitmotif motif?
A musical label ceated by Wagner.
What is impressionism
a 20th Century style of musical composition designed to create subtle moods and impressions

No hard edges
Where country did impressionism come from?
20th Century (5 points)
1. Anything goes
2. color dictates form
3. Impressionism is created in France
4. Debussy is the main Composer
5. Composed "Prelude to the Afternoon Faun"