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just one of the tax law provisions granting exemption from the federal income tax to non-profit organizations.
American Symphony Orchestra League
provides leadership and service to American orchestras while communicating to the public the value and importance of orchestras and the music they perform. It provides a wealth of services, information, and educational opportunities to its members.
at source is a concept favorable to the original publisher and writer. the publisher and writer's share is calculated on income earned in the foreign terretiroy. paid with no deduction. available with publishers who have owned affiliates abroad.
receipts-basis deal
common among independent subpublishers, the publisher and writer's share is calculated only on income received by the publisher in the US after payments to a subpublisher have been made
back timing
anticipating what needs to get done on time and working backwords to create a schedule
betamax defense
stemmed from the lawsuit Sony Corp. v. Universal City Studios (1984, the "Betamax case"), with the U.S. Supreme Court determining home videotaping to be legal in the United States, wherein home videotape cassette recorders were a legal technology since they had substantial non-infringing uses. This precedent was later invoked in MGM v. Grokster (2005), where the high court agreed that the same "substantial non-infringing uses" standard applies to authors and vendors of peer-to-peer file sharing software (notably excepting those who "actively induce" copyright infringement through "purposeful, culpable expression and conduct").
the manager's cut. based on the stature of the manager, the income of the artist and the extent of the manager's services.
control sheet
organizational tool that lists all the details of the event.
rental of a performance facility where the landlord offers only the venue, no stagehands, ushers or box office help.