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A strong argument against considering a bird's song to be music (art) is that art is generally defined as something that is?
One definiteion of culture is that it is a kind of _____ that is out of our awareness.
Aesthetic attitude
Jeans are an artifact of our culture. What couls an alien anthropologist learn about us by studying jeans as a fashion phenomenon? State one thing we discussed in the last class beyond the fact that many people see jeans as comfortable.
Jeans are the "norm" of what many "stylish" people wear. This norm says that we too easily are able to conform to what the majority of people wear.
Funes, in the first paragraph of his introduction, says that listening is?
Always around. There is never complete silence.
The branch of philosophy that concerns itself with theories of beauty and the arts is called?
What was the point Funes' was trying to make with the example of the peaceful country scene?
Showing how when even something is simple, we still find sounds around us. A place where we can go so that our mind is clear before we make any judgments.
In order to practice sympathetic awareness one must?
Not have any prejudices as to not reject a piece f music before fully listening to it.
What can tradition be defined as?
Culture, music, food, religion, or moral values.
Are we ever in a place where there is complete silence?
No, it can be anything from a singing bird to wind blowing among the trees.