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groves - Generically, a ‘movement marked by the regulated succession of strong or weak elements’ (Oxford English Dictionary)

is the progress of melody and harmony through time. Moves music forward.

Pattern that emerges in direct relation to time, meter, and tempo.
Rutenberg says - More illusive than melody and harmony.
Basic unit to measure time. Regular pulsation in most western music. Some beats are stronger - Accented beats - occur at regular intervals: every other, third, fourth beat, so on...
Patterns into which rhythmic pulses (beats) are organized.

The actual measurement of time.

The number of beats per measure.
Contains fixed number of beats, marking the meter.

Begins each meter with an accented beat.
Types of meter
Simple - able to subdivide beat into two or four.

Duple - one strong, one weak beat. Simplest of all patterns.

Triple - one strong, two weak beats. eg. waltz minuet dance.

Quadruple - Known as common time. Primary accent on first, secondary accent on third beat. Hard to tell from duple but has broader feeling.

Compound - each beat is subdivided into three.

Sextuple - ONE two three FOUR five six
A deliberate upsetting of the normal pattern of accentuation.

Accent is shifted to a weak beat or offbeat (in between beats)
The simultaneous use of rhythmic patterns that conflict with the underlying beat. eg. 2 against 3 or 3 against 4 beats.

Piano - one beat in one hand other beat with other hand.
Additive Meter
Grouping of irregular numbers of beats that add up to a larger overall pattern.

eg. rhythmic pattern of 10 beats grouped 2+3+2+3
Music that moves without any strong sense of beat or meter. Pulse is veiled or weak.