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List the 3 major trends that characterized early rock and roll:
1. Mainstream Rock
2. Rockabilly
3. Soft Rock
Of rock's 3 primary influences, which provided the heaviest influence?
R & B
What type of bar are found in the early, hard-driving rock and roll songs
twelve-bar blues
T or F
Both R & B and Rock and Roll had vocal shouters>
Who is considered to be the best example of an early rock and roll shouter?
Little Richard
List the 4 major instruments to the early rock and roll bands?
1. guitars
2. piano
3. drums
4. saxophone
What is the purpose of most bass lines?
To provide the bottom of the harmony
What is the term used for the bottom of the harmony?
The root
What is the term for the rock and roll genre that evolved by white performers whose backgrounds leaned towards C & W?
What record company became the real center for early rockabilly?
Sun Studios in Memphis
What song, released in 1955 by Carl Perkins became a Top 10 national hit on C & W, R & B and Pop charts?
Blue Suede Shoes
What genre of early rock and roll is the Everly Brothers categorized?
In 1958, what is the only song other than a Presley song to reach #1 on pop, C & W and R & B?
All I Have to Do is Dream
Who had his start as a rockabilly singer by using his preestablished recognition as a member of his family's television show?
Rick Nelson
How many hits did the Everly Bros reach the Top 10?
How many hits did Rick Nelson have reach the Top 10 between 1957 and 1960?
T or F
Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" is not considered rockabilly.
Rock Around the Clock is considered rockabilly
Most rockabilly followed what type of bar arrangement?
eight bar or sixteen bar
Which is considered a lighter beat, rockabilly or mainstream rock?
Which type of rock was considered to be without racially objection?
What type of rock has the nicknames of "schlock rock", "schmaltz" by some who do not consider it to be rock and roll at all?
Soft rock
What kind of rock and roll could people "slow dance" to?
Soft Rock
List the 2 distinctive tracks that are discerned in the soft rock of the 1950s:
1. white soft rock: Presley and Pat Boone
2. black soft rock by the "doo-wop" groups
Who is considered to be the est example of soft rock style of the 1950s?
Pat Boone
T or F
Boone also is considered to be a Tin Pan Alley ballad singer.
List some soft rock singers from the 1950s:
1. Paul Anka
2. Frankie Avalon
3. Bobby Rydell
4. Bobby Vee
5. Bobby Darin
6. Tommy Sands
7. Connie Francis
8. Brenda Lee
Who is considered to be the purest prototype of hard, mainstream rock?
Little Richard
What famous song was popularized by Little Richard
"Tutti- Fruitti"
Who became the symbol for wild, unrestrained rock and roll during the 1950s?
Little Richard
Who met Little Richard in 1962 while he was on tour in England?
1. The Beatles
2. The Rolling Stones
T or F
By the late 1960s, Little Richard slipped into a pattern of self-parody, complete with outrageous costumes, homosexual hype and old rock and roll.
By 1955, who had placed 12 hits on the Top 10 R & B charts beginning with the "Fat Man"
Fats Domino
Which singer actually sang an entire 16-bar solo in falsetto?
Fats Domino
What was Fat's first cross over hit to the pop charts?
"Ain't That a Shame"
Whose influence was the strongest on rock guitar during the early rock and roll years?
Chuck Berry
Whose hits included:
1. Maybelline
2. Roll Over Beethoven
3. Johnny B. Goode
Chuck Berry
Who spent time in jail for picking up a 14 yr old girl in El Paso and putting her to work, then firing her, and she turned around and filed charges?
Chuck Berry - 3 years in jail
Who "set the model" for the rock and roll guitar style?
Chuck Berry
Who is considered the "white counterpart" to Little Richard?
Jerry Lee Lewis
What 2 early rock and roll singers shared an ongoing internal battle between their religious faith and their hell-raising rock and roll lifestyles?
Little Richard and
Jerry Lee Lewis
What had a major effect on Jerry Lee Lewis's career?
His VERY, VERY young wives!
Whose songs below were popularized:
1. Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On
2. Great Balls of Fire
Jerry Lee Lewis
How is Buddy Holly's real name spelled?
T or F
Buddy Holly was influenced by R & B.
He grew up without biracial musical influence
Who had a "hiccup" style"?
Buddy Holly
What is the technical term for the "hiccup sytle" that Buddy Holly used?
Glottal stop
Who was the first rock star to die suddenly and unexpectantly?
Buddy Holly
List 3 rock and roll singers whose background lay in R & B or gospel that found success in the late 1950s?
1. Lloyd Price
2 Ray Charles
3. Sam Cooke
What type of rock genre does Johnny Cash belong?
What city became the center for the hansome-male-teen-idol syndrome?
Name 2 of the most popular black solo singers of the early days of soft rock?
1. Johnny Mathis
2. Tommy Edwards
Whose "Greatest Hits" album started a trend for collecgted hits albums and remained on the Billboard ablum charts for 490 weeks or over 10 years?
Johnny Mathis
T or F
There were many female singers in the 1950s rock scene.
There were few
What female solo singer of the soft rock style had 35 Top 40 songs?
Connie Francis
What female solo singer signed a record deal when she was only 11 years old?
Brenda Lee
What happened to sheet music sales when rock and roll hit the music scene?
Sheet music sales plummeted
T or F
Printed sheet music clearly reflected and approximated the sounds of rock and roll.
Printed music could not begin to approximate the sound of rock and roll
What segment of entertainment was probably the strongest reactionaries to advent of rock and roll?
Established music industry, like Sinatra
What segment of the media business viewed rock and roll as a savior?
What television show that debuted in 1957 offered a show specifically focused on teen rock and roll?
Dick Clark's American Bandstand
What was the name given to the radio announcers who introduced the rock and roll songs on the radio?
Disc jockeys
What is the name given to the radio format that consisted of frequent rotation through the Top 40 lists?
Top 40 radio
What happened to "shake up" the record industry and radio by the feds?
Federal Trade Commission found several recording companies guilty of unfair trade practices
T or F
Several famous disc jockeys took payola to promote and play songs on their radio stations.
Who was discovered to own rights to over 150 songs ?
Dick Clark
T or F
The Federal Communications Act prohibits payments of cash or gifts in exchange for air time for songs.
What genre of rock and roll is the most debated as to its authenticity as being rock and roll?
Soft rock
What is the most noticeable rhythmic facor in soft rock?
Its triple division of the beat
What is the series of chords that forms the basis for many soft rock songs?
I-vi-Iv-V progression
What does AABA represent?
Tradition soft rock song:
1. 1st 8 measures
2. Repeat 1st 8 measures
3. New 8 measures
4. Return to 1st 8 measures
What is the term given to the "second type of " set of 8 measures in a soft rock song?
A Bridge
Name the rock and roll singers that best typified the mainstream oriented styles of early rock and roll?
1. Danny and Juniors
2. Dion and the Elements
Name the soft rock and roll singers that best typified the black-oriented soft rock music?
the Platters and the doo-wop groups
What is Little Richards real name?
Richard Wayne Penniman
Where was Little Richard born?
Macon, Georgia
T or F
Little Richards is strait.
Little Richard is gay
Who was the first rock star who died expectantly?
Buddy Holly
Who else was in the plane that crashed carrying Buddy Holly?
1. Ritchie Valens
2. Big Bopper - JP Richards
What is "Fats" Domino's real first name?
Antoine Domino