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What is the definition of a melody?
Succession of single pitches that we perceive as a recognizable whole
What is a melody?
-Frequency determines pitch (faster-higher)
-Puts together notes to make sense
What is an interval?
Distance between 2 notes
What is contour and what are the two types?
-Shape of the melody
-Conjunct=doesn't move much
-Disjunct=moves further, wide range of notes
What is a musical phrase?
-Part of a melody, has beginning and end but not entire piece
-Usually a pause between phrases
-Climax=high point of melody
What is the definition of harmony?
Simultaneous combination of sounds, supports melody.
What types of harmony are there?
-Consonant=sounds pleasant
-Dissonant=unpleasant, can create tension
What are chords and where do they come from?
-Put w/ melody, 3 or more tones the ear perceives together
-Come from scales (based on half/whole steps)
What is tonic and what is tonal music?
-Tonic=1st note of a scale, names scale
-Tonal music= organizes piece around 1 central tone
What is the definition of key?
One note being the most important note, i.e. "D major"
What are the elements of key?
-ABCDEFGA=an octive (8 notes)
-#=sharp (higher)
-b=flat (lower)
What does chromatic mean?
Moving by half steps, a scale has 12 notes)
What are the modes and what are different types of scales?
-Major/minor (happy/somber)
-Penatonic= 5 note scale
-Tritonic= 3 notes
-Microtones= hear more in middle east
What is modulation and transposition?
-Modulation= in 1 key and change into another key
-Transposition= taking a melody and putting it in another key
What is rhythm?
-Movement of music in time
-Not the same as "beat" (beat stays the same rhythm changes)
-Amount of time filled w/ different length notes
What is meter and what kinds are there?
-Grouping of beats into larger patterns
-Duple=2 beats, one is stronger (not equal)
-Triple=3 beats, 1st strongest
-Upbeat (pickup)=accented beat that's not the first beat
-Nonmetric=no meter (chant)
What is syncopation?
Accents that are offbeat, sometimes jazzy
-Polyrhythms=cross/layered rhythms
What is expression and what types are there?
-How you play notes and rhythm
-Tempo="time", speed of how something is played
-Dynamics= how loud/soft (piano or forte)
What is the definition of texture?
How many layers of sound we hear and how they relate to each other
What are the types of texture?
1.Monophonic=1 layer, just melody
2.Polyphonic=2 or more melodies of equal interest
-Homophonic=1 voice/part has melody, others have harmony
What is the definition of form?
How we take put together melody, harmony, rhythm, expression, key, and texture. How we construct a piece
What are elements of form?
-Repitition=can use a chorus
-Strophic writing=a verse, vocal music, same melody
What is tone color or timbre?
Quality of sound that distinguishes one sound from another (in size, shape, material, how sound is produced)
What is range and register?
-Range= all notes the instrument can play
-Register= part of the range (low, middle, high)
How does voice breakdown?
-Women=soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto
-Men=tenor, baritone, bass
What are the different classifications of instruments?
-Aerophone=wind, uses air
-Membranophone=percussion, skin over surface
-Idiophone=percussion, struck or shaken (not a drum)
What are the different string instruments and what are the basics?
-Plucking and bowing, bow-horse hair and wood, core of orchestra
-Violin, viola, cello double bass (main), harp, guitar, mandolin, banjo
What are the different woodwinds and what are the basics?
-Highest to lowest=flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon
-Others=picalo, english horn, bass clarinet, contrabassoon, saxophone
-Flute has no reed, clarinet and sax single, everything else is double
What are the different brass instruments and what are the basics of the family?
-Coiled tubes, aerophones, w/ mouthpiece, vibrate lips
-Highest to lowest=trumpet, french horn, trombone, tuba
What are the two types of percussion and what are examples of instruments?
-Membranophones and idiophones
-1.Definite pitch=can play a note or melody (glock, chime, xylo, timpani, marimba)
2.Indefinite pitch=just makes a sound (snair, maraca, tambourine, triangle, tam-tam)
What are instruments classified as keyboards?
Piano, organ, accordian, harpsicord