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Name the epidermal layers from surface to base:
Stratum Corneum
Stratum Lucidum
Stratum Granulosum
Stratum Spinosum
Stratum Basalis

(below this is the dermis)
Californians Like G-String Bikinis
Another name for Zona Occludens is
tight junction
Another name for Zona Adherens is
Intermediate Junction
Another name for Zona Occludens is
tight junction
what does the zona occludens do?
It prevents diffusion across the intracellular space.
What proteins are found in the zona adherens (intermediate junction)
actin filaments
What proteins are found in the macula adherens?
-Desmoplakin (remember the macula adherens is a.k.a the desmosome)

What's the function of gap junctions?
to allow adjacent cells to communicate for electic and metabolic functions
What's the purpose of the hemidesmosome? what proteins does it contain?
-connects cells to underlying extracellular matrix.

-the hemidesmosome contains INTEGRIN, which maintins the integrity of the basement membrane
What is intramembranous bone formation?
Spontaneous bone formation without preexisting cartilage
What is endochondral bone formation?
Ossification of cartilaginous molds. Long bones form by this type of ossification and primary and secondary centers.
Unhappy triad/knee injury: clipping from the lateral side in a football game can cause...
damage to medial collateral ligament (MCL), medial meniscus, and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
what do anterior and posterior in ACL and PCL refer to?
sites of tibial attachment
Positive anterior drawer sign indicates tearing of the ..
Abnormal passive abduction indicates tearing of the...
Name the 4 rotator cuff muscles
Teres minor
S I t s
what is the function of the Supraspinatus
helps deltoid abduct arm
what is the function of the Infrapinatus
laterally rotates arm

(infraSPINatus only SPINs the arm - doesn't adduct or abduct)
what is the function of the Teres minor
adducts and laterally rotates arm
what is the function of the Subscapularis
adducts and medially rotates arm