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adhesive capsulitis
shoulder joint disorder that is caused by tightening of the joint capsule. Frozen Shoulder
ankylosing spondylitis
inflammatory disease that affects joints between the vertebrae and the SI joint, low back pain that goes up the back too
gouty arthritis
results from a build of uric acid in the blood, causing crystal deposit formation in the soft tissue of the joints, acute pain, redness, swelling of joints
non-inflammatory, degenerative joint disease, joint pain with movement, stiffness, no deep tissue work
disc syndrome
common in lumbar vertebrae at L4 to L5, back spasms, sciatic leg pain, loss of bowel/bladder control
dowager's hump
start hunching over with old age, increased thoracic curve
abnormal opening in tissue, no massage to the area, just relax them
extreme lumbar curve because of weak abs, makes low back sore
increased cervic curve
extreme cervical curve with rounded shoulders (corey barry)
increase in posterior thoracic curvature, hunch back
muscular distrophy
autoimmune disease in which weakness of skeletal muscles caused by antibodies directed against acetycholine receptors, more common in women, weak muscles in face and neck
nerve entrapment syndromes
conditions that result in continuous or intermittent compression of peripheral nerves.
osteochondrosis (osgood-schlatter disease)
painful, incomplete seperation of the epiphysis of the tibial tuberacle from the tibial shaft, in growing boys a lot
osteogenesis imperfecta
inherited disorder that affects the development of CT and bones
brittle bone disease
plantar fasciitis
heel pain, inflammation of plantar fascia,worse when going up stairs
generic term which refers to painful state of the supporting structures of the body
rheumatoid arthritis, with fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness all over
lateral curvature of the spine
thoracic outlet syndrome
entrapment of nerves and vessels of the brachial plexus causing nerve and circulation issues to arm and hand
stiff neck caused by spasms of neck muscles
vertebral artery syndrome
in old people because of aging, results in decreased flow of blood through the vertebral arteries to the brain