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What are the definition of osteoporosis?
Decreased synthesis or increased resorption of bony matrix protein. Results in fractures particularly of hip and spine leading to kyphosis.
What are risk factors for osteoporosis?
Postmenopause (low estrogen), sedentary, high cortisol, hyperthyroid, calcium deficiency
What can you give to help slow osteoporosis?
1) Estrogen: slows loss, builds density
2) Calcitonin: slows loss, analgesic
3) Bisphosphonates (Pamidronate, Alendronate): increase bone density
4) Calcium supplements: 1 gram/day
What is Osteitis Fibrosa Cystica (von Recklinghausen's)?
1) Hyperparathyroid --> diffuse lytic lesions
2) "Brown tumor" of bone due to cyst hemorrhage
3) Can mimic osteoporosis on x-ray
What is Osteomalacia?
1) Adult vitamin D deficiency leading to defective calcification of osteoid matrix
2) X-ray mimic osteoporosis
3) Called "renal osteodystrophy" if secondary to kidney disease
What is Rickets?
1) Vitamin D deficiency in kids causing epiphyseal plate thicking
2) Multiple skeletal defects, short stature
What is Scurvy?
1) Vitamin C deficiency causes impaired osteoid formation (cannot hydroxylate lysine/proline of preprocollagen)
2) Bleeding gums, osteoporosis, ecchymoses
What is overactive in Paget's Bone Disease (Osteitis Deformans)?
Increased activity of BOTH osteoblasts & osteoclasts.
Who gets Paget's Bone Disease? Which bones does it usually affect?
1) Mostly elderly, may be of paramyxovirus etiology?
2) Spine, pelvis, skull, femur, tibia
What are the 3 phases of Paget's Bone Disease?
1) Osteolytic: mostly osteoclast activity
2) Mixed: see MOSAIC pattern of blue cement lines
3) Osteoblastic: inc. bone density
What are the complications of Paget's Bone Disease?
Osteosarcoma, high output cardiac failure, fractures/pain, hearing loss.