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a network of valveless vessels that drain the fluid or lymph from the body tissues
lymphatic system
33 bones that make up the vertebral column
short column of bone that forms the weight bearing section of the vertebra
vertebral body
opening in the vertebra that holds the spinal cord
spinal canal
thick bony struts that connect the vertebral bodies with the spinous/transverse processes and help make up the opening for the spinal canal
posterior bones of the vertebra that make up the foramen
bony growth on the pedicle that helps with muscle attachement
transverse process
cartilaginous pad between vertebrae
intervertebral disc
union between xiphoid process and body of the sternum
xiphisternal joint
central medial region of the lung where the bronchi and pulmonary vasculate enter the lung
pulmonary hilium
large arts and veins that eneter and exit heart, vena cava, pul veins and pul arts
great vessels
cord like remnant of a fetal vessel connecting the pulmonary artery to the aorta at the aortic isthmus
ligamentum arteriosum