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What are the prime functions of bones?
framework,support, movement, shape, maintain position, attachment of muscles, protects organs, storage, hematopoiesis, remodleing, reformation, movable joints
What does red marrow do?
Responsible for the production of RBC's, platelets, and some WBC's
The bone cells that function in the breakdown of bone tissue (resoption) are called....
while performing passive rom for a pt, the nurse puts a hinge joint through the movements of....
flexion and extension
The nurse teaches a pt with a leg immobilized in traction to prevent muscle atrophy in the affected leg by performing....
isometric contraction
a pt with bursitis of the shoulder asks the nurse what the bursa does. The nurses best response would be based on the knowledge that bursae....
relieve friction between moving parts
the decreased agility found during assesment of the older adult is caused by the age-related change of....
loss of elasticity in ligaments and cartilage
while obtaining subjective assessment data related to the musculoskeletal system, it is particularly important for the nurse to ask about family history in the pt with....
rheumatoid arthritis
When grading muscle strength, the nurse records a score of 2, indicating....
active movement with the elimination of gravity
A pt is scheduled for an electromyogram. The nurse explains that this diagnostic test involves....
placement of thin needles into the muscles
The nurse expects an ankle sparin when a pt at the urgent care center....
has a twisting injury while running bases during a baseball game
The nurse explains to the pt with a distal tibial fracture returning for a 3 week check up that healing is indicated by....
callus formation
A pt with a comminuted fracture of the femer is to have an open reduction with internal fixation (ORIF)of the fracture. The nurse explains that ORIF is indicated when....
adequate alignment cannot be obtained by other methods
An indication of a neurovascular problem noted during assessment of the pt with a fracture is....
decreased sensation distal to the fracture site
A pt with a stable closed fracture of the humerus caused by trauma to the arm has a temporary splint with bulky padding applied with an elastic bandage. The nurse suspects compartment syndome and notifies the doctor when the pt experiences....
pain when the nurse passively extends the fingers
A pt with symphisis pubis and pelvic rami fractures should be monitored for....
changes in urinary output
During the post-op period the pt with an above the knee amputation should be instructed that tthe residual limb should not be routinly elevated because....
the flexed position can promote hip flexion contracture
A pt with rheumatoid arthritis is scheduled for anthroplasty. The nurse explains that the purpose of this procedure is to....
replace the joint and improve funtion
The nurse teaches a pt recovering from a total hip replacement that it is important to avoid....
sitting with the legs crossed
A pt with osteomyelitis is treated with surgical debidement followed by continuous irrigation of the affected bone with antibiotics. In responding to the pt who asks why oral or IV antibiotics cannot be used alone, the nurse explains that....
the ischemia and bone death associated with osteomyelitis are frequently impenetrable to most bloodborne antibiotics
A pt with osteogenic sarcoma of the left femur has a nursing diagnosis of risk for injury (pathological fracture) related to bone tissue changes. The nursing managment of this pt is primarily directed towards....
supporting and positioning the leg
In identifying people at risk for back injuries, the nurse recognizes that the person at greatest risk for low back pain is....
a) long distance trucker
b) 100 lb aerobics instructor
The primary nursing responsibility in caring for a pt with acute low back pain associated with severe pain and muscle spasms is....
assisting the pt to maintain activity restrictions with gradual increase in activity daily
In caring for a pt after spinal fusion, the nurse recognizes that interventions for this surgery differ from a simple laminectomy in that....
the donor site for the bone graft may be more painful than the spinal inscision
BEfore discharge from the same day surgery unit the nurse instucts the pt who has had a surgical correction of of bilateral hallux valgus to....
rest often with feet elevated
The nurse advises the pt with early osteoporosis to....
a) stop smoking
b) lose weight
a) stop smoking
In assessing the joints of a pt with rheumatoid arthritis, the nurse understands that the joints are damaged by....
invasion of the pannus into the joint capsule and subchondral bone
Symptoms of FMS are often similar to....
chronic fatigue syndrome