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trapezius origin
occipital bone, spine of 7th cervical vertebrae, all thoracic vertebrae
trapezius insertion
clavicle, spine of scapula, & acromion process
trapezius action
elevates, depresses, adducts scapula, hyperextends neck, braces shoulder
serratus anterior origin
upper 9 ribs
serratus anterior insertion
anterior vertebral border of scapula
serratus anterior action
pulls scapula forward, downward
deltoid origin
clavicle, acromion, and spine of scapula
deltoid insertion
deltoid tuberosity of humerus
deltoid action
abducts, extends or flexes shoulder joint
pectoralis major origin
clavicle, sternum, costal cartilage of 2nd to 6th ribs, rectus sheath
pectoralis major insertion
crest of the greater tubercle of the humerus
pectoralis major action
flexes, adducts, and medially rotates shoulder
latissimus dorsi origin
spines of sacral, lumbar, and lower thoracic vertebrae, iliac crest and lower four ribs
latissimus dorsi insertion
intertubercular groove of humerus
latissimus dorsi action
extends, adducts, and rotates shoulder joint medially
pectoralis minor origin
sternal ends of 3,4,5 ribs
pectoralis minor insertion
coracoid process of scapula
pectoralis minor action
pulls scapula downward, forward
subclavius origin
first rib
subclavius insertion
subclavian groove of clavicle
subclavius action
draws clavicle downward
levator scapulae origin
1-4 cervical vertebrae
levator scapulae insertion
medial border of scapula
levator scapulae action
elevates scapula
rhomboideus major insertion
medial border of scapula
rhomboideus major action
elevates and adducts scapula
rhomboideus minor origin
7th cervical, first thoracic vertebrae
rhomboideus minor insertion
medial border of scapula
rhomboideus minor action
elevates and adducts scapula
rhomboideus major origin
2-5 thoracic vertebrae spines
supraspinatus insertion
greater tubercle of humerus
supraspinatus action
abducts and laterally rotates shoulder joint
infraspinatous origin
infraspinous fossa of scapula
supraspinatus origin
supraspinous fossa of scapula
infraspinatus insertion
greater tubercle of humerus
infraspinatous action
rotates shoulder joint laterally
teres major origin
inferior angle and lateral border of scapula
teres major insertion
crest of lesser tubercle of humerus
teres major action
extends shoulder joint, or adducts and medially rotates shoulder joint.
teres minor origin
axillary border of scapula
teres minor insertion
greater tubercle and groove of humerus
teres minor action
rotates shoulder joint laterally
subscapularis origin
subscapular fossa
subscapularis insertion
lesser tubercle of humerus
subscapularis action
rotates shoulder joint medially
coracobrachialis origin
coracoid process of scapula
coracobrachialis insertion
body of humerus
coracobrachialis action
flexes and adducts shoulder joint