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Gastrocnemius A
Flexes the knee
Plantar flexes the ankle
Gastrocnemius O
Posterior condyles of the femur
Gastrocnemius I
Clacaneus via calcaneal tendon
Soleus A
Plantar flexes the ankle
Soleus O
Soleal line and posterior surface of tibia, poximal, posterior surface of fibula
Soleus I
Caclaneus via calcaneal tendon
Plantaris A
Weak plantar flexion of the ankle
Plantaris O
Lateral epicondyle of femur
Plantaris I
Calcaneus via calcaneal tendon
Popliteus A
Medailly rotates the flexed knee
Flexes the knee
Popliteus O
Lateral condyle of the femur
Popliteus I
Proximal, posterior aspect of tibia
Peroneus Longus A
Everts the foot
Assists in plantar flexion of the ankle
Peroneus Longus O
Proximal two-thirds of lateral fibula
Peroneus Longus I
Base of the first matatarsal, medial cuneiform
Peroneus Brevis A
Everts the foot
Assists in plantar flesion of the ankle
Peroneus Brevis O
Distal two-thirds of lateral fibula
Peroneus Brevis I
Tuberosity of fifth metatarsal
Tibialis Anterior A
Inverts the foot
Dorsiflexes the ankle
Tibialis Anterior O
Lateral condyle of tibia, proximal lateral surface of tibia, interosseous membrane
Tibialis Anterior I
Medial cuneiform, base of the first metatarsal
Extensor Digitorum Longus A
Extends the second trough fifth toes
Dorsi flexes the ankle
Everts the foot
Extensor Digitorum Longus O
Lateral condyle fo tibia, proximal anterior shaft of fibula, interossieous membrane
Extensor Digitorum Longus I
Middle and distal phalanges of second through fifth toes
Extensor Hallicis Longus A
Extends the first toe
Doris flexes the ankle
Inverts the foot
Extensor Hallicis Longus O
Middle anterior surface fo fibula, interosseous membrane
Extensor Hallicis Longus I
Distal palanx of the first toe
Tibialis Posterior A
Inverts the foot
Plantar flexes ankle
Tibialis Posterior O
Proximal posterior shaft of tibia, proximal fibula, interosseous membrane
Tibialis Posterior I
Navicular, cuneiform, cuboid, bases of second throught fourth metatarsals
Flexor Digitorum Longus A
Flexes the second through fifth toes
Weak plantar flexion of ankle
Inverts the foot
Flexor Digitorum Longus O
Middle posterior surface of tibia
Flexor Digitorum Longus I
Distal phalanges of second through fifth toes
Flexor Hallucis Longus A
Flexes the first toe
Weak plantar flexion of ankle
Inverts the foot
Flexor Hallucis Longus O
Middle half of posterior fibula
Flexor Hallucis Longus I
Distal phalanx of first toe
Extensor Digitorum Brevis A
Extends the second through fourth toes
Extensor Digitorum Brevis O
Extensor Digitorum Brevis I
Toes two through four via the extensor digitorum longus tendons
Flexor Digitorum Brevis A
Flexes middle phalanges of the second through fourth toes
Flexor Digitorum Brevis O
Flexor Digitorum Brevis I
Middle phalanges of second through fourth toes
Abductor Hallucis A
Abducts the first toe
Assist in flexion of the first toe
Abductor Hallucis O
Abductor Hallucis I
Proximal phalange fo first toe, medial sesamoid bone
Abductor Digiti Minimi A
Flexes the fifth toe
Assist in abduction fo fifth toe
Abductor Digiti Minimi O
Abductor Digiti Minimi I
Proximal phalange of fifth toe