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mentalis origin
mandible (chin)
depressor labii inferioris action
depresses lower lip
mentalis insertion
orbicularis oris
levator anguli oris origin
levator anguli oris insertion
orbicularis oris
levator anguli oris action
elevates upper lip
zygomaticus origin
zygomatic bone
zygomaticus insertion
superior corner of orbicularis oris
zygomaticus action
elevates corner of mouth
risorius origin
fascia of cheek
risorius insertion
orbicularis oris at corner of mouth
risorius action
draws angle of mouth laterally
depressor anguli oris origin
depressor anguli oris insertion
inferior corner of orbicularis oris
depressor anguli oris action
depresses corner of mouth
depressor labii inferioris origin
depressor labii inferioris insertion
orbicularis oris and skin of lower lip
mentalis action
protrudes lower lip
platysma origin
fascia of neck and chest
platysma insertion
inferior border of mandible
platysma action
depresses mandible and lower lip
buccinator origin
maxilla and mandible
buccinator insertion
orbicularis oris
buccinator action
compresses cheek
orbicularis oculi origin
bones of medial orbit
frontalis origin
glaea aponeurotica
frontalis insertion
skin of eyebrow
frontalis action
wrinkles forehead, elevates eyebrow
occipitalis origin
occipital bone and mastoid process
occipitalis insertion
galea aponeurotica
occipitalis action
moves scalp backward
corrugator supercilli origin
fascia above eyebrow
corrugator supercilli insertion
root of nose
corrugattor supercilli action
draws eyebrow to midline
orbicularis oculi insertion
tissue of eyelid
epicranius origin
galea aponeurotica and occipital bone
epicranius insertion
skin of eyebrow and galea aponeurotica
epicranius action
wrinkles forehead, moves scalp
orbicularis oculi action
closes eye
levator labii superioris origin
upper maxilla and zygomatic bone
levator labii superiors insertion
orbicularis oris and skin above lips
levator labii superioris action
elevates upper lip
nasalis origin
maxilla and nasal cartilage
nasalis insertion
aponeurosis of nose
nasalis action
one part widens nostrils,
one part depresses nasal cartilages and compresses nostrils
orbicularis oris origin
fascia surrounding lips
orbicularis oris insertion
mucosa of lips
orbicularis oris action
closes and purses lips