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Pigment, like hemoglobin, that can connect loosely with O2 and temporarily stores it, reducing MS requirement for continuous blood supply during contraction
Oxygen Debt
-During stenuous exercise (1-2 min) O2 is used to form ATP for energy rather than from lactic acid. Thus Lactic Acid builds up and O2 is used up...oxygen debt
-May take several hrs to repay oxygen debt
Lactic Acid
-Waste product of metabolism that causes MS fatigue
-At rest it is synthesized to make ATP, in activity it builds up causing oxygen debt
Rapid breathing, required to take in more oxygen after attempt to repay oxygen debt
uncontrolled MS stimulation triggered by extracellular fluid and motor neuronsof
MS Fatigue
Unable to contract due to build up of lactic acid OR interruption of blood supply
Heat Production
MS contractions are the heat source for the body
increase of blood vessel diameter: makes blood flow to tissue easier
Effects of Exercise
-MS work more...blood is pumped to heart
-temp increas in load on heart which strengthens it and improves circulation
Exercise improves
cardiovascular system