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What are muscle tissues?
specialized tissue that can contract
What are the types of muscle tissue?



What is another name for skeletal muscle tissue? what do they look like? where are they found?
aka voluntary muscle tissue

they have long thread like markings called striations

they're found in muscles that are attached to bones
Where is cardiac muscle tissue found? what does it look like? is it voluntary or involuntary?
found only in the heart

is striated

is voluntary
What do smooth muscle tissues look like? are they voluntary or involuntary? where are they found?
cells lack striations

is involuntary

found in the walls of hollow organs (stomach, intestines, urinary bladder)
What is the function of nervous muscle tissue and where is it located?
function: sensitivity and conduction of nerve impulses

location: brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves
What do neurons do?
aka nerve cells

they sense changes and respond with nerve impulses to other neurons or body parts

they coordinate, regulate, and integrate body activities
What is the function of neuroglial cells?
some forms bind and support nervous tissue

others carry on phagocytosis

still others connect neurons to blood vessels