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Zygomaticus Major: elevates Mouth Corner
O: Zygomatic Bone
I: Skin & Muscle at Mouth Corner
Masseter: elevates Mandible
O: Zygomatic Arch
I: Lateral Surface of Mandible
Sternocleidomastoid: Flexes Neck or Rotates Head
O: Manubrium of Sternum & Clavicle
I: Mastoid Process of Temporal Bone
Pectoralis Major: Flexes and Adducts arm at shoulder
O: Clavicle, Sternum, Costal Cartilage of Upper Ribs
I: Greater Tubercle of Humerus
Deltoid: Flexes, Extends, Abducts arm at shoulder
O: Clavicle, Acromium & Spine of Scapula
I: Deltoid Tuberosity of Humerous
Biceps Brachii: Flexes forearm and elbow, supinates forearm
O: Coracoid process & superior border of glenoid cavity of scapula
I: Radial Tuberosity
Pronater Teres: Pronates forearm
O: Medial Epicondlye of Humerus
I: Lateral Surface of Radias
Flexor Carpi Radialis: flexes and abducts wrist
O: Medial Epicondlye of Humerus
I: Anterior Surface of 2nd & 3rd metacarpals
Psoas Major: Flexes Hip, flexes vertebral colum
O: Lumbar Vertebrae
I: Lesser Trochanter of Femur
Gluteus Maximus: extends hip
O: Ilium, sacrum, & coccyx
I: Posterior proximal femur
Gluteus Medius: Abducts Hip
O: Ilium
I: Greater Trochanter of Femur
Rectus Femoris: Flexes Hip, Extends Knee
O:Anterior Ilium
I: Tibial Tuberosity via patella & patellar ligament
Semimembranosus: Extends Hip, flexes knee
O: Ischial Tuberosity
I: Medial condyle of Tibia
Gastrocnemius (Calf): flexion of knee, plantar flexion of foot at ankle
O: Lateral and Medial Condyles of Femur
I: Calcaneus (heel bone) via calcaneal (Achilles) tendon