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What is a motor unit?
Consists of nerve cell and all the muscles that nerve cell communicates with
What is its purpose and what determines its size?
Starts movement and it is determined by its task
eyes = small ; arm = big
What is recruitment?
More motor units to get job done
What is the all-or-none principle?
Several muscle fibers in communication wtih 1 nerce cell.

all muscles will contract or none will
What are different types of muscle fibers and when do we use certain types?
Slow twitch (SO)= aerobic
Fast twitch (FG)= anaerobic
Fast twitch (FOG)= used for anaerobic and aerobic
Can we, through trainig, change our fiber type?
Can you dtermine which fiber type would have higher amoutns of stored ATP, stored fat, mitochondria; etc
Look at I: IV graph