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Mozart was influenced by whose piano concerti?
J.S. Bach
Lully's recitative followed French diction using a constant change of what?
"treatise on harmony" was written by who in 1722?
Who wrote the Haydn string quartets
The florentine camarata sought to revive the old greek vocal style called what?
Johan Salomon
An Impresario in London known for hiring Haydn
Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice was a what?
Hell Scene
What is the J.S. Bach work that exemplifies equal temperament?
The well tempered clavier
Barbara strozzi "lagrime Mie" exemplifies which vocal style
Solo Chamber Cantata
Name some Sturm and Drang traits
Wide Leaps, Tremoli, minor keys, modulations, extreme dynamics.
When did Handel lease a theatre in London to showcase his Oratorios every year
At Lent
What was the name of the first public opera house opened in Venice in 1637?
Teatro San Cassiano
Why did the Turkish fad become popular?
Exoticism of the people and their music and because of the Turkish embassies appearing throughout Europe
The Cathedral of Santiago pays homage to who?
Saint James
The Burgundian School or the Court of Burgundy
Term used to denote a group of composers active in the 15th century in eastern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Main composers were Dufay, Binchois, and Busnois. The central musical practice place of the Franco-flemish school.