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What were the two prominent forms of music in the early 1900's?
Neo-Classicism and Serialism
who was the most prominent neo-classisist?
who was the most prominent serialist?
and what were his students names?
Students: Berg and Webern
What is Expressionism
Artwork relating to the times
who was the most prominent serialist?
and what were his students names?
Students: Berg and Webern
what is neo-classicism?
music composed much like that during the classical peroiod, but sometimes having "a few wrong notes here and there"
who was the first real composer to give america its voice in music composition?
Charles Ives, born in Dunburry, Connecticut.
what is serialism/twelve tone row?
making a row of notes, and playing the pattern over again, can be:
inversion-"inside out"
Retrograde-inversion- "insideout and backward"
transposition - move the entire row up or down some ammount of steps
dont forget the different types of serialism
what style of music, derived by Ives, takes little pieces of folk songs and composes something new and different?
Musical Collage
This expressionistic opera was written by Berg
-was about an imbasilic soldier who was kicked around
-his girlfriend was cheating on him and he kills her
What can serialism be aside from just repetition of tones
------called "total serialism"
period starting in the 1980's using lots of tonal and atonal music
taking recorded sounds/music and "composing" music/pieces out of them
musique concrete
define minimalism
take somethng very small and make it very big
art designed to change or challenge what one's concept of art is
Conceptual Art