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black death
swepter over almost all of europe between 1348 and 1350 elaving as much as two fifths of the population dead and transforming many into believing in the omnipotence of death, name from how it discolored body, seemed no explanation to people, no known defense, made many temperate yet many debauchery, forced truce
giovanni boccaccio
an italian who recorded the reactions his decameron
the great schism
39 nine year separation between the church between 1378 and 1417 leading to the election of 3 popes
help ignited by taille, ever increasing taxes on peasantry
received a voice in city government as a result from the plague. encourgaed restrictions to protect local industries conflictingf with master artisans. also left conflict between journeymen who wanted to make the rank of master.
the hundred years war
showed superiority of paid professional for military, began 1337 ended 1453. started by edward III claim to french throne after French king charles died without a male heir they instead chose his cousin phillip the VI. also the territories were growing to big to remain in such close proximity. truce during black death
edward the III
embardgoad english wool to flanders sparking urban rebellions by merchants and the trade guilds
estates general
took power in france when John II was captured. took advantages of weakness, demanding and receiving rights similar to those magna carta had granted. too divided to be an effective french government
henry V
king of england who reccommenced the war. first struck hard in normandy while french were divided, became french king in 1429 with treaty of troyes
charles VII
ignored treaty of troyes and inspired by joan of arc rallied and united to his cause, gave no aid to joan when captured
joan of arc
a peasant forom domremy in lorraine, dclared to charles VII that god had called her to deliver besieged orleans from the english, led a successiong of victories, gave enraged since of national identidy and destiny captured and killed but not helped much,
pope innocent III
elaborated the doctrine of papal plenitude of power and declared saints disposed of benefices and created a centralized papal monarch which weakened church spiritually, teachigns followed by his successors
pope boniface VIII
a nobleman and a skilled politician, ruled when england and france were maturing as nation states, became pope in 1294, decreed no tax on clergy but was forced to come to terms with philip, kept trying to assert papal dominance but never succeeded
look to the writings of john wycliffe, sparked revolts
john wycliffe
an oxford theologian and a philosopher of high standing, argued clergy ought to be content with food and clothing, also maintained that personal merit was true basis of religious authorit, accused of ancient heresy of donatism, challenged papal infallibility
john huss
won an audience with the newly assembled council of constance
babylonian captivity
church not being in rome
great schism
election of a second pope in 1378 by french, one tried to end mutual cession of boths but failed or resignation of one, ordeal was debated
the golden horde/ tatar
segment of the mongol empire, what is now southern russia, spread islam
ivan III the great
would bring all of northern russian under moscow's control and end mongol rule