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What is it called when you have a steady beat, along with a rythmic complexity
Metronomic Sense
Flatting of certain notes on the music scales:
b3, b7, b5, flat 3, flat 5
The three special voice techniques:
Mellisam: Backstreet Boys
Falsetoo: singer in high register
Mamie Smith
Okeh Records

Crazy Blues (Going Crazy with the blues), became first hit blues record

Cabaret performer
Blind Lemon Jefferson
From East Texas, but recorded in Chicago

Electrical Recording introduced

"Matchbox Blues" and "Black Snake Moan"
Ma Ramey
"Countin the Blues"

considered the mother of the blues

toured with T.O.B.A. aka theatre owners booking association
Bessie Smith
considered the emporess of the blues

"Take Nobody's Business If I do" w/ Colombia

#2 on CD set titled "lock and key"
Sippie Wallace
known as the Texas Nightengale

"Woman Be Wise" and "Im a "Mighty Tight Woman"

Document Records
Victoria Spivey
"Black Snake Blues"

Document Records
Ralph Peer
worked with Okeh records

began field recordings

showed there was a market for male singers
Papa Charlie Jackson
1st Male star from New Orleans, played Chicago

"All I want is a Spoonful" (included banjo and voice)
Charlie Patton
Delta Bluesman

considered first rock and roller

"pony blues", "High Water Everywhere",

CD set, "Shake It Break it But dont let it fall"
Robert Johnson
played boogie piano, never recorded w/ others

myth he sold soul to devil

recorded 29 songs and influenced everyone

"Crossroad Blues", and "Terraplane Blues"
born in Lousiana

prison for murder

more of a songwriter
Major Labels in 45'
Deca, Victor, and Colombia
Jerry Wexler
Changed name from race records to Rythym and blues
T Bone Walker
"Trinity River Blues", "Call it Stormy Monday"

Very sophisticated played electric guitar
Sam Phillips
Started Sun Records
Elvis Presley
In **1954** "Thats alright Mama" with Sun Records

5 Hits w/ Sun Records:
Thats alright Mama
Good Rockin Tonight
Milk Cow Blues
Baby Lets Play House
Mystery Train
Rufus Thomas
DJ w/ WDIA radio station

wrote "Bear Cat" which was response to "Hound Dog", and "Walking the Dog"
Willy May "Big Momma" Thornton
recorded Hound Dog

Peacock Records
Million Dollar Quartet
Carl Perkins- "Honey Dont", "Blue Suede Shoes"

Elvis Presley

Johnny Cash

Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lieber and Mike Schoeller
Songwriting Team

Wexler brought them to Atlantic Records

wrote "Houndog"

also wrote for the Coasters:
"Young Blood", "Yakkity Yak"
Ahmet Ertegun and Herb Abranson
Started Atlantic Records
Big Joe Turner
"Chains of Love", and Rollem' Pete", "Honey Hush", and "Flip Flop Fly"

Atlantic Records
John Hammond
Discoverd many stars

Put on Spirituals to Swing which was a concert for AA.
Ray Charles
signed with Atlantic for $2500 with "Mess Around"

"I Got a Woman"
Clide McFadder
Lead Singer of the drifters
Levern Baker
signed with Atlantic

"Jim Dandy"
Ivory Joe Hunter
set merger b/w white country music and black ballads

"Since I met You baby"
The Coasters
"Along Came Jones", "Poison Ivy", and "Charlie Brown"
The Drifters
Duopp group

Ben E. King was lead singer along with Clide McFadder

"There goes my Baby", "Honey Love", "This Magic Moment", 'Save the Last Dance Fore Me"
Ben E. King
Went Solo and wrote:
"Spanish Harlem"
"Stand By Me"
Jim Stuart and Astel Axton
Started Stax Records, Rock N Roll was dominating the airwaves
Solomon Burke
established Soul as a genre

The king of "rock and soul"

wrote "Just out of reach of my empty arms", and "cry to me"
Carla & Rufus Thomas
"Cuz I love You"

Father and Daughter

This was recorded with Stax and release by Atlantic (both labels had a great relationship)

Carla the wrote "Gee WiZ"
Booker T and the MG's
Steve Cropper and Donald Dunn

Stax Records (house band for Stax)

exemplifies 60's memphis sound

"Last Night" and CD titled Green Onions
Otis Redding
one of greatest soul singers ever

"These Arms of Mine", "Mr. Petiful", "Try and Little Tenderness", "Respect"
Steve Cropper and Eddie Floyd
Played in the Falcons and the Marquees

Songs: "634-5789", "Mustang Sally"

strong memphis sound of drum beat and use of horns

Eddie Floyds famous "knock on wood"
Wilson Pickett
aka the Wicked Pickett

wrote "In the Midnight Hour"
Sam and Dave
discoverd by Eritgen and Wexler

wrote "Hold On Im Coming", and "Soul Man"
Dave Porter and Isacc Hayes
wrote for Stax

songs like "Hold On Im Coming", and "Soul Man"
The Fame Label
Percy Sledge was with them, sang "when a man loves a woman"

Percy was the rep for the Muscle Sholes sound
Aretha Franklin
discovered by John Hammond and Colombia

sold to wexler from Atlantic, then they took her to record in the South

"I never loved a man the way I loved you", "Woman do Right Man", "Respect", "Chain of Fools", "Think", and "You make me feel like a natural woman"
King Curtis
Leader of Aretha's orchestra

Played sax

"Memphis Soul Stew"