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Art Blakey
Exemplifies the Hard Bop generation (1950's). Worked with pianist Horace Silver to create the group "The Jazz Messengers", and was a drummer.
Chuck Mangione
Creator of "Smooth Jazz". Was a trumpetist and flugelhornist in the 70's and 80's, won grammys for movie scores and toured with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers.
Hard Bop
Tenor saxophonist Sonny Rawlins popularized this- the 1950/s outgrowth of bebop. This was more "fun" than its original bebop, as it catered to the audience more. A "Down and Dirty" bop.
Bitches Brew
Recorded by Miles Davis, had an electric keyboard, among other things. Landmark album and very electronic-heavy.
Stan Getz
Tenor Saxaphonist; famous for combining jazz and Brazilian bossa-nova
Antonio Jobim
Brazilian composer and pianist who worked with Stan Getz in the bossa nova style. Most recognized bossa-nova composer
Prime Time
Ornette Coleman's 1983 Band that was famous for electrified "Free Jazz". Jazz-rock inspired
Max Roach
Drummer during the bebop generation. He was the first to approach the drums in a more melodic fashion. Actively involved in Civil Rights Movement.
"Birth of the Cool"
The "sessions" album that defined the Cool Style. Members were Miles Davis, Johnny Carisi, John Lewis, Gerry Mulligan, and Gil Evans. (1949-1950)
Chick Corea
Pianist that formed the group Return to Forever, which was encouraged by bossa-nova musician Stan Getz. Initially did bossa-nova, but went more electric and commercial later on with appealing rock grooves. Did fusion.
Electronic jazz-rock fusion period. See the book- LOT of information
Wayne Shorter
Played the soprano and tenor saxophone. Joined forces with Miles Davis. Worked with Art Blakey, Maynard Ferguson, and Horace Silver. Did original improv. Composer for the famous Second Davis quintet of the 1960's and Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers before that. Had a major impact on modern jazz composition. Major contributor to Jazz fusion with the group Weather Report.
Weather Report
Groundbreaking fusion group founded between 70's and 80's by Wayne Shorter and keyboardist Joe Zawinul. World-music influenced jazz style, with electronic textures and predictable AABA patterns. Started resembling more rockish themes.
"A Love Supreme"
Recorded by John Coltrane 1965. Presented music as a religious offering in this album.
Joe Zawinul
Pianist and Electric Keyboardist. Helped found the Jazz Fusion group Weather Report with Wayne Shorter. He is also another Alumni of Miles Davis' bands. Continues to explore the fusion of Non-Western music and jazz; his band in 2002 received a grammy nomination