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Soft Vocal Sound, Bending notes
Wind Ensembles
winds and percussion
Ternary Form
A B (trio) A has rhythmic energy, seen in marches and ragtime
Lestor young
Tenor Sax
Vocal improv on nensense syllables
Swing Music
Big Band
Rhythm (bass, piano, drums), Trumpets, Trombones, sax, 2 alto, 2 tenor, 1 baritone
Duke Ellington
original sounds
Count Basie
almost comical, tightest best budes in the wolrd
Small group, free and elaborate melodies, substitute chords, disjunct intervals, fast tempo, cymbol, obscure beat, virtuoso, intimate audiences leaness
Cool Jazz
Miles Davis, Dispassionate objectibity (laid back), obscurity vs. obvious, leaness of sound
Free Jazz
collective improvisation, freedom
Charlie Parker
cool jazz dude
Louis Armstrong
led the way for the jazz scene, shaky start but quickly found his love (trumpet)
Dippermouth Blues
Jazz, blues, fast and syncopated
Left hand: Steady line, syncopated, rhythm
Right Hand: melody
left hand was taken over by cornets, clarinets, etc (rhythm section)
right hand: trumpet melody
lead trumpet
high notes, endurance
big band
original sounds, great bands, tight, call and response, plunger for trumpet.
Non-rhythm: Trumpet, sax, trombone
Rhythm: Piano, bass, drum
Jazz fusion
so many different styles coming together
John Cage
Contemporary classical "I have nothing to say but I am saying it"
Prepared piano
playing with piano metallic object inside strings
Chance music
never to be the same
through composed
different music in each section
two different keys played at once
program music
about something
about nothing
no tone center
R and B
12 bar blues,
blues notes,
50's doowop,
60's (3 different)
trance and house
detroit, technology, therman instrument, 1955, max mathews, 71 popcorn, throbbing crystal, industrial really important
Stride or Harlem Piano
cultivated by James Price Johnson and Fats Waller.
after ragtime died.. retained ragtime's steady left hand and syncopated right hand. steady pulses created by disjunct notes
Novelty Piano
show-off piano type after ragtime
syncopated melody against a steady, marchlike bass in duple meter
Scott Joplin
B.B. King
bending of notes on guitar
strong base chords that support the melody, synthesis, distorting of sound
club 27
janis joplin, jimmy hendrix (1970) curt coban
max stiner
vienna to us
Brenard Herman
influenced by charles ives polytonality PSYCHO leit motif, the screech
total artwork
leit motif
motif or melody that represents an image or character on stage, musi has ability to represent things in dynamix ways
John Williams
Imperial march therman, star wars
james honer
star trek
music done for commercials
instruments: pretty much anything, synths, samplers, drum machines,
R and b and rock
comes from blues, rhythmic aspects are unique,
jimmmy hendrix
rockstars working with new instruments
british invasion
period in 1960's where british rock pop bands came to US (beatles)