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What does Multitrack Recording also us to do?
They allow us to alter tones, adjusts levels, determine stereo or surround placement, and add processing as desired to each individual sound, which in turn allows the engineer to create a veru complex and sophiscated final mix.
What is the main difference between digital and analog recording?
The difference is in the nature of the information stored on the recording.
What is a signal?
They orginally are changes in air pressure that then become equivilant changes in voltage.
What happens when we choose to store our signal with an analog recording system?
A series of magentic patterns are stored on the tape that directly correspond to the audio signal.
How are our positive and negative voltages that represent compression and rarefraction stored?
Postive and Negative magnetic charges.
What is analog recording?
The tape is analogous to the compression and rarefraction in the atmosphere and the positive and negative voltages in our signal.
What does digital recording take a step further?
They convert the signals into a series of binary numbers.
How does the digital recording convert signals into a series of binary numbers?
Through analog to digital conversion.
After the A to D converter translate our fluctuating signal and assigns them numeric values, where are the numeric values then stored?
They are stored on the media.
What is digital recording?
It's when our audio signal has been converted to and stored as number or digits.