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What is a Bence-Jones protein?
kappa or lambda light chains in urine found in multiple myeloma
Major criteria for dx of multiple myeloma?
BM plasmacytosis >30%, M-spike, Bence-Jones, plasmacytoma
Name the dz: back pain, decreased Hb, increased creatinine?
mulitple myeloma
Physical findings in multiple myeloma?
pain, fatigue (anemia and renal failure), infxn, mental status changes, hyperviscosity
What Dur(T)ie Salmon stage do you see physical findings of multiple myeloma?
Stage III
What indicates poor prognosis in multiple myeloma?
increased creatinine, elevated beta-2 microglobulin
What is MGUS?
m-spike w/o neoplasm or symptoms
Pathophys of waldenstrom macroglob?
malignant lymphoma w/small lymphocytes that excrete IgM
Clinical features of waldenstrom?
hyperviscosity related, fatigue, lymphadenopathy
How do you treat hyperviscosity?