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Proportions of graphics. (height X width)
Aspect ratio
Windows format for saving video with sound.
AVI (Audio Video Interleaved)
Windows format for storing simple graphics. Can be created with Paint program.
Bitmap (.bmp)
Program/device that compresses and decompresses digital video.
Available color selections, ranging from 16 colors to 16.7 million.
Color Palette
Process of converting video or audio signals, normally in waveform, into 1's and 0's. This format can be processed by the computer.
Blending colors to modify colors or produce new ones.
In digital video, when the computer cannot keep pace with the displayed images, it does this in an attempt to catch up.
Dropped frames.
Number of picture images displayed per second, giving digital video the illusion of motion. (30 fps is considered to be TV quality)
Frames per second (FPS)
A single picture in a computerized "movie".
A graphics file format originated by Compuserve, usable for web pages and some multimedia software.
Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)
A graphics format capable of representing up to 16.7 million colors that is ideal for complex pictures of natural, real world scenes, including photographs, realist artwork, and paintings. (10:1 or 20:1 compression ratios)
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)
A file containing musical data encoded according to Musical Instrument Digital Interface specifications
A format for the compression of digitized videos and animations developed by Moving Pictures Expert Group.
MPEG video
A cross platform real-time video and multimedia data format developed by Apple Computer. It can include text, sound, and video.
QuickTime (MOV)