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What did Muhammad do every year?
Spent a month in a cave on Mt. Hira
What happened in the cave and on what date?
Saw angel Gabriel comanding him to read, she did this in 610 AD
Who explained the phenominon?
Muhammad's wife Aisha
What was Muhammad also known as?
God's profet
When was Muhammad born? To whom?
He was born into a Quraysh tribe in 570 AD
Muhammad _________ and started to spread Islam
Muhammad and his followers were escorted into where?
When Muhammad was escorted into a city what did this start?
The Islamic calender
When was the Islamic Calender started?
622 AD
The Qur'an was completed when?
when Muhammad died
The Ka'bah has a ____________ that _________________ and covers the Ka'bah
Heavy black covering ; protects
What is a special feature of the shrine?
It has a doorway that leads into a small room.
What happens to the shrine each year besides the Hajj?
The covering is replaces
What do people do during the Hajj?
People travel to Mecca to pray to the Ka'Bah.
What was the first mosque
the area around the Ka' Bah in Mecca.
What was removed from the Ka'Bah
who made the Ka'bah?
Abraham and Ishmel
Mongol soldiers had how many horses?
Mongol weapons?
1-3 bows, 3 quivers of arrows, an ax, rope, and a sword
Who started the Mongol Empire?
Ghengis Khan
Ghengis did what to the clans to start his empire?
united them
Between where and where did Ghengis rule?
between the Caspian sea and Bejin.
Ghengis failed to attack who and how many times?
Japan, and 2 times.
What stoped the Mongol attack on Japan?
Typhoons and bad weather.
Why did the Mongol Empire fall?
Because the Mongols had conquered more land then they could control.
What is Ghengis' real name?
What happened to Ghengis at age 12 and what did he do.
His father was murdered, so he fled with his mother and brother.
When was Ghengis born?
1167 AD
Temujin was _________ what at age 39 and given the name Ghengis.
elected great Khan.
What does Ghengis mean?
"ruler of all within the seas"
Ghengis died in ___________
1227 AD
Who was Ghengis' grandson and what did did he do?
Kubla Khan, he ruled the Mongols
Where Kublai expand the borders to?
East Europe, most of the Middle East, and China, couldn't get Japan.
Kulai moved his capitol where?
from Mongolia to Bejjing
Who did Kublai respect that others didn't and start?
merchants, and trading and a postal service
How far did the postal service go a day?
250 miles a day
Who was Suleiman?
Son of Selim who reigned 1520-1566
How far did Suleiman's empire stretch?
North Egypt, to Algeria, to West Mesoppotamia
What did Suleiman fix?
old legal codes and laws
why did Suleiman's empire need new legal codes and laws?
Because the old ones were made for an older empire
Who started a massive building program?
Who's empire accepted non-christians?
What are India's main rivers
Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra
What acted as protection to the Indias?
The Himalyas
Himalays had a pass called the _______ pass.
In the south of India, what was a main geographical feature?
South Deccan Plateau
How wide were the Himmalayas at most?
200 miles
Rich farmland in India was were?
South of the Himalayas
the Musslim state (ottoman) was governed by __________
and ___________ who were ______________
Osman, followers, and Ghazis
The ottoman empire captured _______________ and made it its new capitol
The byzantine city of Bursa
When was the the city of Bursa was captured?
1326 AD
the Sultan election process was legalized by...
The __________ heads the divan
What was based on religion in the ottoman empire?
civil law
Non-Musslims were accepted in the ottoman empire if they did what? Did they have to pay a tax too?
they had to convert to Islam, but they didn't have to pay extra.
who conquered the ottoman empire?
The ottomens were outnumbered what to what
8000 to 150000
When Mehemed captured the ottoman empire where was its new capitol?
who started the ottoman empire?
When the ottoman empire was captured who ruled?
When did who fall to Musslim armies
Persia in 600 AD
Umyad Started using ___________ with ________________ at what time?
started using coins with Qur'an portions in 640 AD
Who ruled the Umayyad empire?
which empire made coins?
Muiad moved the capitol of the Umayyad empire to where?
Who ruled the Umayyads?
Muawiya helped capture who?
Who served as govoner of Syria for 25 years?
Musslims repeatedly crossed what place to raid France?
The battle of tours decided what?
If Europe was going to be Musslim or European
At the battle of tours the Musslims confronted whom?
Charels Martel
Abbasid empire took control of whom and with the help of what?
Umayad empire, and spys helped
What empire learned the secret of making paper?
Abbasid Empire
Many levels of science and edu grew, many of which were...
School, health, math, "al jabr", surgury, etc
There were four what between 1096-1220
the advantages of the crusades were...
huge rise in commerce, transfer of millitary tech. (gunpowder, etc), church stronger, more poetry and music, Europeans opened up to world.
the only part that was a failure about the crusades was the fact that...
Jerusalem (or the holy land) was never really captured, and is still ruled by Muslims.
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