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Leonato's neice and Hero's cousin. Claims to hate all men but ends up marrying the man she supposedly despises the most. Bossy, witty and incredibly outgoing.
Soldier, friends with Don Pedro and Claudio. Claims content to live a bachelor but ends up married to the woman he mocks the most. Constantly mocking others and making jokes.
A young naiive soldier who has recently become friends with the prince, Don Pedro. Falls in love with Hero, but is quick to believe rumours about her.
Shy young daughter of Leonato, cousins to Beatrice. A gentle and sweet girl, who, unlike her cousin is willing to succum to the stereotypical woman of that era, generally letting the men do all the talking. Falls in love with Claudio but is wrongly accused of cheating on him.
Don Pedro
The Prince of Aragon, a rich and noble man who likes to matchmake and fiddle around with other's love lives. A long time friend of Leonato and the most powerful person in the play.
Don John
Illegitimate half brother of Don Pedro, recently reconciled with him. Basically the villain of the whole play, he sets out to make everyone lives misery and stir up rumours.
Rather dim serving woman to Hero who unknowingly takes part in a plot to ruin hero and Claudio's marriage. Lover to Don John's helper Borachio, and lower class than the rest of the characters.
Associate of Don John, and lover of Margaret, Hero's servant. Conspires with Don John and helps a plot against Claudio and Hero.
Another of Don John's associates, who plays a slightly smaller part in the play than Borachio. Conspires against Claudio and Hero's marraige.
The constable in charge of the watch, basically chief policeman of Messina who
helps catch Don John.A middle class character.
Policeman of Messina who is deputy to Dogberry, chief policeman.
A fairly small part of Leonato's brother, also uncle to Hero and Beatrice,
Governor of Messina, quite a powerful person, second only to Don Pedro. Father of hero, freind of Don Pedro. Owns the house where Don Pedro and the other soldiers come to stay(The setting for most of the play). Uncle to Beatrice and brother to Antonio.
A waiting man in Leonato's household, who flirts with margaret at Leonato's masked ball. Sings the play's song(sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more...)
One of hero's waiting women. Higher class than Margaret, and older.