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Define ERL

(Equipment Requirement List)
a list of all equipment and materials required to teach the course. Lists all authorized allowances for for all equipment and materials
Define ESL

(Equipment Shortage List)
Items identified on the ERL but not on hand. Items may be procured by higher authority or time shared.
State the Purpose of inventory reports
Identifies items listed on the ERL that are on hand physically. Identified by a barcode
Define CIN

(Course Identification Number)
A unique number identifying a formal navy course.
1. functional commander
2. 2 or 3 character skill defense group
3. 4 character cognizant responsible command
Define CDP

Course Data Processing
Linked to the CIN and identifies location
Explain the difference between a pipeline and Standalone CIN
standard CIN is a standalone course that can be taken alone. Pipeline is a sequence of courses that must be taking in order usually leading to an NEC.
Define Cantrac
Catalog of Navy Training Courses
Contains information Concerning all formal navy courses. Also output product derived from Cetars
Explain Cantrac Volume 1 and 2
1 - General info.. functional command list of schools, seasonal uniform changes, messing availability
2 - Course Description

Navy Integrated Training Resources & Administration System
collects, compiles, and provides student training information. Only official source for navy training data
Explain the student recognition program
motivational tool. LAA, Honor Roll list. course longer than 10 days, highest GPA higher than 90 percent and must be higher than the annual class average
Define academic attrition
Academic attrition : Grades and objectives

Non academic: administrative. Discipline

Dis enrollment: administrative decision beyond the control of the training activity. Directed by higher authority.
Define ARB?

(Academic Review Board)
Help students solve problems
State the possible outcomes of an ARB
Academic acceleration
Continue with class w/o remediation
Continue with class w/ remediation
Drop from training
State the 3 areas of a student critique
quality of life
Define bottleneck ratio
When equipment or space limits exist or situation can occur where only a portion of the class can advance at a time. (Like a lab)