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2.A1 What is SCORM?
Shareable Content Object Reference Model
2.A1 What is NCOM?
Navy Content Object Model
2.A2 What is reuse?
Use of an existing object in a new learning event without modification to its instructional treatment, context or content.
2.A2 What is Repurpose?
The use of an existing object in a new learning event with little to no modification to its instructional treatment, context, or content
2.A2 What is Reference?
The use of an existing object as an information source or resource for generating ideas for new learning events.
2.A3 What are the five content types?
2.A3 Describe CONCEPT
It comprises a group of objects, ideas, or events that are represented by a single word or term, and share common features.
2.A3 Describe Facts
Unique and specific information usually represented in the form of a statement.
2.A3 Describe Procedure
A sequence of steps that are followed systematically to achieve a task or make a decision. Done the same way everytime
2.A3 Descibe Process
A flow of events that identify how something works.
2.A3 Describe Princible
Directions that outline guidelines for action in which people must adapt the rules to various situations. Principles typically require a person to make a decision when applying them.
2.A4 What are the three use levels?
Content use level
Remember use level
Apply use level
2.A4 What is the content use level?
What the learner is expected to display after completing training at the section level.
2.A4 What is the remember use level?
The learner recognizes or recalls information. Requires the learner to memorize information.
2.A4 What is the Use level?
The learner accomplish some task or solve a novel problem.
The learner applies with hands-on interaction with technical training equpment.
2.A5 What is the purpose of metadata?
To provide a common nomenclature enabling learning resources to be described in a common way.
2.A6 What are the key precepts of ILE Information Architecture?
learning Object Aggregation(LOA)
Terminal Learning Object(TLO)
Enabling Learning Object(ELO)
2.A6 Describe learning object aggregation(LOA)
top level grouping of related content The organization the contains TLOs and ELOs
2.A6 Describe Terminal Learning Object(TLO)
Is an aggregation of one or more ELOs and correlates to a SCORM SCO.
2.A6 Describe Enabling Learning Object(ELO)
The ELO is an aggregation of one or more assets and correlates to a SCORM SCO