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When and where was the tweed ring in power
1860s-1870s, NYC
what cartoonist refused to be bought by tweed

what newspaper did he work for
thomas nast

harper's weekly
what was the period after the civil war called? Why?
Gilded Age

created opportunities for personal gain
what was tammany hall
the force in city politics in NYC
basis of his power?
- connections with people on all levels
- payoffs
- payoffs to newspapers (placing ads in newspapers)
when did nast start caricaturing tammany hall
1869 (eventually tweed drifted to the front of cartoons)
how did tweed respond to nast's cartoons
tried to strangle harper's weekly

bribe/threaten nast
what newspaper started running anti Tweed too?
ny times
how did tweed respond to NY times starting to run anti-tweed?
offers 1 million for silence
NY times's sources?
tweed ring defector

documents of extorting and misappropriating from the public
what action didharper's weekly and ny times eventually spur
a meeting of the NY citizenry

> committe of 70 to investigate officials

> only tweed as reelected to office after investigation