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State the volumes of NAVEDTRA 130A and what they contain.
VOL.1 Developers Guide, Vol.2 Sample Products, Vol.3 Managers Guide
What are the stages of NAVEDTRA 131?
Plan, Analyze, Design, Develop, Pilot, Implement, Evaluate
What are the classifications of attrition?
Academic and Non-academic
What are the two methods of testing?
Knowledge and Performance
How often is training on safety required for all staff?
The evaluation of classroom instructor is divided into what 4 areas?
Introduction, presentation, interaction between instructor & students, summary
What are the 3 elements of a learning objective?
Behavior, Condition, Standard
Name 3 types of instruction sheets found in a Trainee Guide?
Job Sheet, Outline Sheet, Problem Sheet, assignment sheet, information sheet, diagram sheet.
What are the 2 categories of PPP's?
Hardware, Non-Hardware
What type of course provides individual functional skill or rating specific team refresher training as required by fleet or Type Commanders?
Class "F"
What type of course provides team functional skill or rating specific team refresher training required by fleet or Type Commanders?
Class "T"
The Laws of Learning: An individual Learns best when he/she is physically, mentally & emotionally ready
The Laws of Learning: An individual learns best those things which result in satisfying consequences
The Laws of Learning: An individual learns best & retains longest his first learning in a new field.
The Laws of Learning: Based on the old axiom correct practice makes perfect.
Name 4 instructional methods.
Discussion, Role Play, Lesson, Case Study
What is the primary purpose of oral questioning?
To stimulate the students to think about the topic being presented.
Whatare types of performance tests?
Process/Procedure, Product, Combination
State 3 minimum requirements for Instructor Certification.
Complete the Command and Course Indoctrination, Attend the course or segment of the course as a trainee, Rcv 3 evals (2 SME & 1 IT)
What section of the Classroom Evaluation Checklist provide space for comments made by the instructor who was evaluated?
Instructor Improvement Plan
Curriculum and Instructional Standards Office
Curriculum Control Authority
Course Curriculum Model Manager
Training Path Chart
Training Project Plan
a safety procedure that allows students and instructors concerned for their personal safety or the safety of another to stop the training evolution, regroup & continue training
What are the 4 types of training material modifications?
Change, Interim Change, Technical Change, Revision
What is CNET Instruction 1500.20?
Safety Procedure for Conducting Training
Who monitors the instructor evaluation program and maintains documentation to ensure instructional personnel are certified and evaluated?
The_____is responsible for monitoring milestones for curriculum development & revision efforts.
What are the components of the Student Critique Program?
Instructor, Course, Quality
Name 3 Training Quality Indicators
ARB, instructor evaluation program, student critique program, technical training audit, testing & test item analysis
True/False: The Training Project Plan is required to be submitted for course cancellation
What is developed in Stage One of the PPP Based Curriculum Developement Board?
Training Path System