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State the pupose of the Navy Training System
Purpose is to ensure a systematic approach for determing what to train and how best to accomplish that training
What is the most essential single link in the training chain
The instructor
State and discuss the three qualities of an efficient and effective instructor
knowledge- familiar witht the subject
ability- leadership for planning organizing etc and instrcutinal for the principles methods and techniques
Personality- pattern of collective traits of an individual
Discuss the Instructors responsibilities in terms of:
Responsibility to students= reach effectively set a good example help them
Repsonbibility to training safety= demonstrate proper safety procedures
Responsibility to security= keep information secure account for all material
Responsibility to curriculum= current and accurate
List & discuss the key principles ofapplying motivation theory in a training situation
*needs & drives= a deficit or lack that causes a desire or satifaction
* Interest= view of an activivity as worthy while or enjoyable
* values attitudes and previous experience= affects what we learn
* attitude= feeling for or against objects or ideas
* incentive = things to motivate students to learn
*achievement= strong desire
Discuss application of motivational techniques during the introduction, presentation and summary of a lesson
* introduction=show why the lesson is so important, serve as a connection between lession
*presentation- Don't read the lesson plan don't gie them more info then they needed help them understand what is important
*lesson Summary - review the main pts and ask questions