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Latissimus Dorsi Origin
Iliac crest, lumbar fascia, spines of lowest 6 thoracic vertebrae, inferior angle of scapula, lower 3-4 ribs
Latissimus Dorsi Insertion
Medial to the bicipital groove of the humerus
Latissimus Dorsi Nerve Supply
Thoracodorsal Nerve - C6, C7, C8, posterior cord of brachial plexus
Latissimus Dorsi Action
Extends, adducts and medially (internally) rotates arm
Latissimus Dorsi Blood Supply
Thoracodorsal artery
Trapezius Origin
External occipital protuberance, superior nuchal line, ligamentum nuchae, spines of C7 and thoracic vertebrae.
Trapezius Insertion
Lateral clavicle, acromion, and scapular spine.
Trapezius Nerve Supply
Spinal Accessory Nerve (CN 11)
Trapezius Action
Raises/Lowers, adducts and rotates scapula
Trapezius Blood Supply
Transverse Cervical Artery (first part of the subclavian artery)
Teres Major Origin
Lower lateral border of the scapula
Teres Major Insertion
Medial to the bicipital groove of the humerus
Teres Major Nerve Supply
Lower Subscapular Nerve (C5/C6, posterior chord of the brachial plexus)
Teres Major Action
Adducts, extends and internally rotates arm
Teres Major Blood Supply
Circumflex Scapular Artery
Rhomboid Major Origin
T2/T5 spines
Rhomboid Major Insertion
Medial border of scapula at the infraspinous fossa
Rhomboid Major Nerve Supply
Dorsal Scapular Nerve (C5/C6 root)
Rhomboid Major Action
Pulls scapula medial - raises medial border of scapula
Rhomboid Major Blood Supply
Dorsal Scapular Artery (branch of the subclavian)
Rhomboid Minor Origin
C7 and T1 spines
Rhomboid Minor Insertion
Medial border of the scapula, at the spine
Rhomboid Minor Nerve Supply
Dorsal Scapular Nerve
Rhomboid Minor Action
Pulls scapula medial/raises medial border
Rhomboid Minor Blood Supply
Dorsal Scapular Artery (branch of subclavian)
Levator Scapulae Muscle Origin
Transverse processes of C1-C4
Levator Scapulae Muscle Insertion
Superomedial border of the scapula
Levator Scapulae Muscle Nerve Supply
Dorsal Scapular Nerve (C5 root)
Levator Scapulae Muscle Action
Raises scapula at medial border
Levator Scapulae Blood Supply
Dorsal Scapular Artery (branch of subclavian)
Serratus Anterior Muscle Origin
Ribs 1-8
Serratus Anterior Muscle Insertion
Inferior angle/medial border of the scapula
Serratus Anterior Muscle Nerve Supply
Long thoracic nerve (C5-C7 roots)
Serratus Anterior Muscle Action
Rotates scapula around thoracic cage - Stabilizer during abduction to allow humerus rotation at the glenoid fossa
Serratus Anterior Muscle Blood Supply
Lateral thoracic artery
Winged Scapula
Damage to the long thoracic nerve ("knife fight" injury)
Triangle of Auscultation Boundaries
Medial - Trapezius
Inferior - Latissimus Dorsi
Lateral - Medial border of Scapular and rhomboid major
Importance: Used for auscultation
Lumbar Triangle Boundaries + Significance
Medial - Latissimus Dorsi
Lateral - External Oblique
Inferior - Iliac Crest
Importance: Lumbar Hernia
Quadrangular Space Boundaries
Superior - Teres Minor
Lateral - Proximal Shaft of Humerus
Inferior - Teres Major
Medial - Long head of triceps brachii
Quadrangular Space Structures
Axillary nerve, posterior circumflex humeral artery
Triangular Space Boundaries
Superior - teres minor
Inferior - teres major
Lateral - long head of triceps brachii
Triangular Space Structures
Circumflex Scapular Artery (of the subscapular artery)
Triangular Interval Boundaries
Superior - teres major
Lateral - lateral head of triceps brachii
Medial - long head of triceps brachii
Triangular Interval Structures
Deep Artery of the Arm (profunda brachii)
Radial Nerves (C5-C8, T1 - posterior chord of brachial plexus)
Axillary Artery Placement
Continuation of the subclavian. Passes superior to 1st rib, ends inferior to teres major
Lateral Thoracic Artery (Branch of Axillary Artery)
Lateral Thoracic Artery (goes to the serratus anterior)
Subscapular Artery (Branch of Axillary Artery)
Thoracodorsal Artery (goes to the latissimus dorsi)
Thyrocervical Trunk (Subclavian Artery) Supplies...
Transverse Cervical artery (to trapezius)
Suprascapular artery (to supra- and infra-spinatus)
Dorsal Scapular Artery (Subclavian Artery) Supplies...
Rhomboid Major and Minor, Levator scapulae
Lower Subscapular Nerve (posterior chord of brachial plexus) Innervations
C5, C7 - subscapularis muscle and teres major
Upper Subscapular Nerve (posterior chord of brachial plexus) Innervations
C5, C6 - Subscapularis Muscle
Thoracodorsal Nerve (posterior chord of brachial plexus) Innervations
C6-C8 - latissimus Dorsi
Dorsal Scapular Nerve (from roots) Innervations
Rhomboid Major and Minor, Levator Scapulae
Long Thoracic Nerve (from roots) Innervations
C5-C7 - serratus anterior muscle
Suprascapular Nerve (from trunk) Innervations
C5, C6 - supra- and infra-spinatus
Spinal Accessory Nerve Innervations
CN 11 - Trapezius
Dorsal Rami of C4-T6
Cutaneous Nerve - skin over trapezius
Dorsal Rami of T7-T12
Cutaneous Nerve - skin over latissimus dorsi and thoracolumbar fascia
Dorsal Rami of L1-L3
Skin superior to iliac crest (thoracolumbar fascia)