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WBS Code 4.2.1 means ______________.
. the task found by starting with the fourth level 1 item (those from the source), tracking to the second item on level two under that one, and then reaching the first one on level three below that level two item
( Feedback: Just picture a tree with the project at the trunk being split into (at least) four major limbs. The limbs are split into branches, this one being the second branch off the 4th limb. Then this branch splits again, and this is the first split. )
The timing of the progress line is linked to the ____________.
progress date
To display a task as a milestone, ____________________.
provide a task duration equal to zero
A set of steps provided to guide you through an activity is known as a ____________.
Costs that are not tied to any resource are called ____________.
fixed costs
To copy a custom view from your project to the global template, use the ___________.
Which program outside of Project provides a task list template designed to import into Project?
The best visual display of the project’s progress is the __________.
tracking Gantt
To access information associated with a task as if it was an attachment to the task, use the _________.
Icon in the indicator column
A percentage of a resources time allocated to a task is referred to as ___________.
assignment units
The baseline can be thought of as being the ___________.
original project scenario
A major step, or a group of related tasks, in a project plan is a ___________.
To add a new resource to a project, you can ______________.
a. enter it directly in the task table in Gantt chart view
b. go to resource sheet view and enter it there
c. use the assign resources dialogue box
d. All of the above
An “as late as possible” constraint will be added if the project is defined based on a ____________.
finish date
Appending ____________________.
adds data to the end of the Project file
A critical task is identified on the Gantt chart by a ___________________.
red task bar
The purpose of tracking is to track ______________.
the progress of the work efforts
The view that is most similar to Resource Usage is ______________.
task usage
Splitting a task is one way of _____________.
rescheduling work
The tasks under a summary task, the ones that make up that task, are called __________.
What does “FF+2” mean?
A finish to finish with a delay of two days.
The date used as the default start date for tasks with no predecessors is the ___________.
current date
How many times can a task be split?
No limit
The report that shows the data in table format, where totals can be applied to the columns or rows, is called the ___________.
crosstab report
Project uses the terms “time scale” and “time line.” Which of the following statements are true?
Time scale determines the time units used in the time line.
Percent complete can be entered from the task information dialogue box, or from the ____________.
tracking toolbar
Entering a lead time of one week for a task dependency (finish to start) means that ______________.
the successor task cannot begin until one week before the predecessor task is finished
A vertical line on the Gantt chart at a particular date for tracking purposes is the ___________.
progress line
Which view contains both a table and a bar graph, where the table shows time assigned to each resource and the bar graph shows that same information on a calendar or timeline?
Resource usage view
Indent means to shift a task to the right within the task names column. What is the term to shift it back to the left?
The Organizer allows you to copy project elements to which file?
A combination view displays ____________________.
two views, one on top and one on the bottom of screen
If no type of predecessor relationship is given (just the task ID#) assume it is a __________.
finish to start
Project uses _____________ to show dependencies in the Gantt chart.
task links
The constraint triangle is ____________.
Time cost and scope
Under which of the following scenarios are you most likely to save a new baseline?
The scope of the work is changed significantly, requiring new schedules and/or budgets
No resources should be assigned to __________.
summary tasks
If a task has a time delay in it after it begins work, that task is called a ____________.
split task
How would you send out a project file to be reviewed by a group of people in sequence?
When importing files, merging requires the use of a _____________.
primary key
All of these are valid to be used as resources on a project except _____________.
Duration minus (duration times percent complete) yields ____________.
remaining duration
___________ refer to activities or work packages that have to be completed
The “as late as possible” constraint is used when ____________.
scheduling backwards from a deadline date for the project
The most common type of dependency is ___________.
Finish to start
The least common type of dependency is __________.
Start to finish
Correcting a situation where a resource has too much work assigned to it is called ____________.
resource leveling
To recognize a Project file in your list of files, you should know that this file will have a file extension of ______________.
Actual duration is ___________________.
the amount of the planned time spent so far
If the duration is just an estimate, how would that be conveyed in Project?
In the task table, put a question mark directly after the number
To provide quick access to commonly used tasks related to the current view, Project provides a small menu of tasks in a ____________________.
task pane
A condition, restriction, or limitation that the project must follow or adhere to is a ____________.
The bar chart shown to the right of the task table is known as the _____________.
Gantt chart
A pop-up type box that shows up on the screen, providing options or requiring information, is known as _________________.
a dialogue box
The indicator column on the task table shows ______________.
A milestone is displayed in the Gantt chart using a __________________.
By pointing at a bar on the Gantt chart, or a task, or an icon, or many other places within the screen, some information pops up describing what you are looking at. This is called a ________.
screen tip
Notice that the duration of a summary task is not equal to the sum of the durations of the sub-tasks that make it up. Why is this?
It is shorter because more than one sub-task can go on at once
The number in the first column of each row in the task table is the __________.
task ID
An example project that you can use to get a quick start on developing your own project or to help learn about projects is called a project __________.