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"Looser zones" is characteristic of metabolic bone disease
what does "richitic rosary" refer to?
bulbous knobby deformities of the knees, ankles due to inability to mineralize the growth plate
histomorphometry is the definitive diagnostic test for what metabolic bone disease?
rickets/osteomalacia - want to see the unmineralized osteoid!
is ALP a marker for bone formation or bone resorption?
is osteocalcin a marker for bone formatino or bone destruction?
what is deoxypyridinoline?
a lab marker for bone destruction
is hydroxyproline a measure of bone formation or destruction?
destruction (recall, hydroxyproline is a component of collagen)
can hypophosmatemia be a cause for Rickets/osteomalacia? why?
yes. Basicallly anything that will lead to less hydroxyapatite can cause this disease. therefore, low calcium, low phosphate, low vitamin D, aluminum
a high ALP is a hallmakr for which metabolic bone disease?
Paget's (recall, in this diease you're getting lots of osteoclastic activity followed by shitty bone formation which becomes sclerotic)
what is "osteoporosis cicumscripta" characteristic of (what metabolic bone disease)?
(increase in hat size)

(*even the roof can be destroyed in the house party!)
subperiosteal bone resorption is pathognomonic for what metabolic bone disease?
hyperparathyroidism (osteitis fibrosa cystica)
brown's tumor is a cluster of ____ found in what metabolic bone disease?
cluster of osteoclasts in hyperparathyroidism (osteitis fibrosa cystica)
what does renal osteodystrophy refer to?
renal failure, resulting in inability to make vitamin D (calcitriol) under the direction of PTH. Thus PTH levels remain very high (secondary hyperparathyroidism)
what is the therapeutic dose for Calcium? Vitamin D?
calcium - 2000 mg daily
vitamin D - 800-1600 IU
"-dronate" is the suffix for what class of drugs?
Raloxifene is an example of what type of drug?
teriparatide is essentially PTH, so why would we use is in the tx of osteoporosis?
b/c PTH transiently increases bone formation by stimulating maturation of osteoblasts. (Also, you have to breakdown bone before you can form new bone!)