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How does the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) attach/run?
From anterior intercondylar part of tibia, to lateral posterior of femur.
The ACL runs Posteriorly to attach to the EXternal femoral condyle (APEX).
How does the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) attach/run?
From posterior intercondylar part of tibia, to medial anterior of femur.
The PCL runs Anteriorly to attach to the INternal femoral condyle (PAIN).
What does the lateral meniscus look like?
Very close to a complete circle.
What does the medial meniscus look like?
Very close to a half circle.
Which meniscus is attached to the collateral ligament?
The medial meniscus is directly attached to the tibial/medial collateral ligament.
Which three structures of the knee are commonly injured together?
1. medial collateral ligament
2. medial meniscus
3. ACL
Does the joint capsule (synovium) encompass the ACL/PCL?
Which ligament (ACL/PCL) runs medially to the other?
the PCL
Which ligament (ACL/PCL) is stronger?
What is the role of the ACL?
prevents anterior displacement of the tibia (at 90 degrees)
What is the role of the PCL?
prevents posterior displacement of the tibia (at 90 degrees)
When the knee is straight, which ligament is taught?
When the knee is bent, which ligament is taught?
What type of cartilage are the menisci?
What is the role of the menisci?
act as shock absorbers
What is the test for the ACL?
anterior drawer test
Lachman's test
(Pivot shift test)
What is the test for the PCL?
posterior drawer test
tibial sag sign
What is the test for the menisci?
McMurray's test
What is the basic principle behind McMurray's test?
Open the joint on the medial side, then close the medial side while getting the femur to ride all along the meniscus feeling for a tear.

(opposite for the lateral meniscus)