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inflammatory cell infiltration
-->bv wall necrosis
-->destruction & fibrosis of media and elastica
-->bleed around the vessel or obstruct blood flow
temporal arteritis AKA
giant cell arteritis
temporal arteritis is assc w/ what?
polymyalgia rheumatica: aching and stiffness in neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, thighs
temporal arteritis involves what arteries?
branches of carotid A
Sx of temporal arteritis
-scalp tenderness, esp over temporal A
-jaw claudiciation (fatigue of MOM while chewing)
-visual loss
-double vision
*SUDDEN BLINDNESS d/t involvement of opthalmic or post ciliary arteries-->retinal ischemia
lab tests in temporal arteritis?
ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation) > 60 mm/hr (nl=20)
sudden blindness assoc with?
temporal arteritis (d/t inflamm and necrosis of opthalmic or post ciliary arteries-->retinal ischemia)
definitive Dx of temporal arteritis?
biopsy of temporal artery and see:

-infiltration of vessel wall w/CD4 T cells and macrophages (mononuclear cells)
-giant cell formation (hence, "Temporal Arteritis" AKA "giant cell arteritis")
Tx temporal arteritis?
high-dose corticosteroids, even before definitive Dx made!
genetics of temporal arteritis
note-this same gene also predisposes pts w/RA, but dz susceptibility linked to amino acids located in another region of the molecule
polymyalgia rheumatica makes you suspect
temporal arteritis
jaw claudication makes you suspect
temporal arteritis