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stages of gout
1.Asymptomatic hyperuricemia
2.Acute gouty arthritis
*90% monoarticular
*50% in MTP (big toe)
3. Intercritical period (time period b/w attacks0
4. Chronic Tophaceous gout
monoarticular arthtiris
infxn (i.e. N gonorrhea)
or crystal-induced (gout)
definitive Dx of gout
-ID urate crystals in synovial fluid by seeing
negative birefrigence (yellow and parallel, or blue and perp)
Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Dz
causes chondrocalcinosis (Ca2+ in chondrocytes)

site: knee
crystal in knee/
Calcium Pyrioiphosphate Dz
crystal in MTP
bacium calcium phosphate dz
calcium phosphate crystals aghgregate into masses around joints and bursa
infectious arthritis: stages
Stage 1:
synovial cell destruction==>remove proteoglycan fro articular cartilage
*reversible if chrondocytes not damaged

Stage 2:
articular cartilage damaged

Stage 3:
synovial fluid prolifeation
==>destroy collagen
tenosynovitis+migratory polyarthritis
Neisseria gonorrhea
Neisseria gonorrhea
1.synovitis: migraotry polyarthritis that then localizes to one joint, MC=knee

2. tenosynovitis: dorsum of hands and feet

3. dermatitis: pustules on hand