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osteochondroma clinical
- most common benign
- in kids, stops growing at puberty
- only tx if sx, then simple excision
- less than 1% do malignancy
osteochondroma radiograph
- sticks out w/ cartilage cap
- metaphysis
- can be multiple, esp. in forearm
enchondroma clinical
- dull pain
- mainly hands and feet, but hip or shoulder more likely to be malignant
enchondroma radiograph
- popcorn from cartilage calcification
- in marrow space
- if scalloped, chance of fracture, so do cutterage
osteoid osteoma clincial
- pain at night, better w/ aspirin
- b/c of pain, do blocked excision
osteoid osteoma radiograph
- small lucent nidus surrounded by scleroitc bone
- nidus has vascular stroma of osteoid w/ clasts and blasts
non-ossifying chondroma clinical
- no sx
- in kids and regress by puberty
- if large enough for fracture, tx surgically
non-ossifying fibroma radiograph
- soap bubble, eccentric
- surrounded by thin sclerotic bone
- whorlled fibrous tissue w/ foam cells
soliatry bone cyst clinical
- in kids, gone by puberty
- may need to cut and pack
- can also inject prednisone
solitary bone cyst radiograph
- lytic cavity, filled w/ yellow fluid
- metaphysis of proximal humerus and femur
Osteosarcoma clincial
- kids
- deep, aching pain
- enlarging on knee
- AP is up
- mets early to lungs
- survival is better now
Osteosarcoma radiograph
- metaphysis
- sun-rays, codmans
- micro is dx, spindle cells w/ sarcoamtous osteoblasts
chondrosarcoma clincial
- middle age
- tumor destroys bone
- tx w/ wide surgical resection or amputate, b/c it doesn't respond to drugs
chondrosarcoma radiograph
- evil popcorn
- hip and pelvis
Ewings sarcoma clincial
- in kids, rare
- fever, high WBCs and sed rate
- do chemo w/ surgery
Ewing Sarcoma radiograph
- likes humerus, femur, illum
- diaphysis!
- micro looks like densely packed round cells (2x size of lymphos)
Multiple Myeloma clinical
- elderly
- increase M protein
- Ca high
Multiple Myeloma radiograph
- punched out lesions
- vertebra, skull, pelvis, femur
- micro shows all the B-cells
Bone mets
- BLT w/ KP - brease, lung, thyroid, prostate, kidney
- gets vertrebra, also skull, ribs, pelvis
- occasionally femur and humerus, never below
- blasts w/ breast and prostate
Giant cell clinical
- young adults
- very agressive, tx w/ removeal or cut and fill w/ bone cement
Giant cell radiograph
- lytic
- metaphysis and epiphysis
- likes knee and distal radius
- elongated stromal cells w/ oval nuclei and MNGs
what is a malignant soft tissue tumor likely to be like
- large (over 5 cm)
- deep
- rapidly growing
- less mobile
- pain near joint (synovial sarcoma)
Malignanty Fibrous Histeocytoma
- in old thights and buttocks
- micro is whorreld w/ histeocytes
- resect or only pallative tx is available
- mets to lungs
- slow growing in upper thigh
- adults only
- few sx, likely to be big before you notice it
- wierd one
- head neck and genetials, but some SkM limbs
- in kids
- already mets, and goes through lymphatics
- round cells, not spindle
- responds well to chemo and rad
synovial sarcoma
- like knee and foot
- mass w/ cacifications
- tx w/ wide surgical excision, chemo
- hihg rate of local recurrance and mets