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Book Binding (1st type)
Codex Style
(ex: menu in restaurant today with string holding papers together)
Purposes of Mass Media (3)
1. Inform
2. Entertain
3. Persuade
What is the Marketing Process? 4 P's?

ex: come up with a product then price it then place product in correct market then promote it
News Reporting (2 Types)
1.objectivity (start with an event and build from it just factual)
2. storytelling or narrative tradition (ex: black hawk down) feel need to get closer go into backrounds and facts
What brought about the Penny Press?
desire to increase newspaper circulation when costs of paper production lowered (Wisner hires Benjamin Day and New York Sun) making each copy cost a penny
What makes Penny Press be a P.P?
- cheaper cost of newspapers
- increased circulation and wish for local news
- increased newspaper competition
- created mass advertising
Where did muckrakers come from?
they saw scenes of immorality and exposed them through heavy research (ex: unearthed corp. greed, exposed abuses in food and drug industry, and established tenet of "journalism of exposure")
What is a muckraker?
dug up dirty deeds and exposed them - raked the muck and refused to regard celestial crown (Roosevelt gave them their name)
What makes something mass media/communication?
a form of communication using radio, newspapers, tv, etc. to reach a large number of people (10 mil. households watching ER, 5000 readers of smalltown newspaper, 200 hits on student's web pg., all of the readers of the Bible)
1st Evidence of Public Relations
Samuel Adams leading campaign against England first practitioner of PR (patriot and brewer)
Who was Edward Bernays?
- came up with theory that public can be swayed
- uncle Sigmund Freud
- molded public through propoganda
What did Bernays write?
1st book on PR called "Crystallizing Public Opinion" showing how public can be swayed
What happened in 1430? (1490)
movable type created by Gutenberg (printing press)
What is advertising?
paid, non-personal communication from an identified sponsor using mass media to persuade or influence an audience
What does advertising do?
- can reduce cost of goods through competition and more product sales
- aims at differentiating products
- makes life easier for consumer, but has social cost
- manipulates consumer spending
What was the literacy rate in the US b/w 1800-1900?
10% went to 90% declared
What was the primary purpose of early radio programming?
first instantanious national medium increasing info. flow and mass adv.
Who was John Peter Zenger?
printer of New York Weekly Journal imprisoned by the crown for seditious libel against royal gov. of NY defended by Andrew Hamiltion using truth as a defense
Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin?
Harriet Beecher Stowe
How many book titles were published in the 1st 70 yrs. of printing?
30,000 approx.