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what is a style
a collection of formatting instructions
what 2 places can you find styles?
formatting toolbar
in the style dialog box
how do you get to the style dialog box?
Choose format> style
where do you usually choose styles from?
From the toolbar
where do you usually create and edit styles?
in the style dialog box
what's the standard number of styles word applies to every new document?
when looking at the dropdown list of styles on the formatting toolbar, where does the point size of the text appear?
in the gray box to the right of the name.
in the formatting bar drop down list, what does an underscore a indicate?
a text style
in the formatting drop down list what does the paragraph marker indicate?
a paragraph style
what happens when you select a style?
all text in your current paragraph and all new text you type takes on that style and also any text you have highlighted
where are the 5 standard styles kept?
in the NORMAL template
what template does word use for all new documents?
the normal template
in the formatting bar drop down list what do the lines next to the style name indicate?
the paragraph alignment
what are heading styles used for?
Chapter and section titles
how do you summon the style dialog box?
in the style dialog box, what does the style list display?
the avai;able styles in the document
in the style dialog box, what does the tool tip description tell you?
how the style is defined-what paragraph and text formatting commands are contained in the style
what style does word use for any new document?
how do you delete styles from the style dialog box?
right click them and choose delete
can you delete the standard fonts and styles in the style dialog box?
can you undelete styles?
how do you create a custom style?
1type a paragraph or some text
2mark it as a block of text
3format it
4press ctrl+shift+s( this activates the style drop down list on the formatting toolbar
5the current style displayed is highlighted and you type a new name.
then press enter
where is a style that you create available?
only in the document in which you created it
how do you store lots of styles you create for use in other documents?
make a template and store them there
how do you create a style using the style dialog box?
click the new button
click the format button
choose any commands you need
click ok
enter a name in the name box

click ok
close the dialog box
what 3 options are available when you create a character only style?
font, border, language
how do you give a style a shortcut key?
select the style you want
click modify
click shortcut key button
press your shortcut key combination
use ctrl shift letter or alt shift letter
click assign
click close
how do you change a style?
select style to be changed
click modify
change the style
click ok
click close